Tuesday, July 06, 2004

New short films on the way!

Here is the first of many updates!

First of all, the long awaited Super 8 short "This Way and That" will go into the editing room soon! As the film progresses, I will enlist the talents of Tony Romanello once again, only this time he will be composing an original score.

This film not only is the beginning of a short film trilogy, it is also the first of many Super 8 productions for Blue November.

Principal model construction is now complete for the [short] film "A Voice Among the Stars". The next phase consists of special effects planning and miniature set construction.

The short script for "The Dead Man's Sigh" is a week old, and "Serenity" is near completion.

All productions will be shot on Super 8mm using a variety of cameras.

I plan on bringing more in-depth discussion on the methods and the processes for these films. Stay tuned for more info!


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