Monday, September 27, 2004

The Circle

Many have entered this Circle, with brilliant light that astounds and ignites many flames. No one outshines the other. All is relevant and where there are good hearts with the truest souls, there will be peace and magic. I have always sought this freedom of movement, the freedom of the truly liberated.

Within the last two or three years, I have seen so much in so many people. Only a few remain in this final, yet, ever-changing vision.

Derick Snow...a lad of many talents, he is both a friend and a colleague. He is, in my mind, an accomplished actor and editor. His talents range from music and performance to painting and sculpture. In "Adam and Yvette", he filled the gap of supporting actor and editor. You can catch his daily epics at Adventure Artist.

Jes Lenee'...a shy young girl with a passion for life and art that seems, at times, as if it would consume the very Earth itself! Her music sings of life and she is a dedicated artist and performer, poet and photographer. Her band, Autumn Shade, is touring the California coast as I am writing this.

Tony Romanello is someone who has always been very supportive and patient with my chaotic artistic nuances. His music appears in "Adam and Yvette" and will appear in "This Way and That", my first Super 8 short film that remains in post-production. His band, the TRB (Tony Romanello Band) is an amazing group of professional musicians with a down-to-earth humanity that, for such an original band, is rarely seen. Their music is an experience.

Bret Mix...a good friend, and a soon-to-be father! As a filmmaker, he is one my closest colleagues. As an editor, his value is immeasurable. As a friend, he has the distinction of being one of the few "guys" I will even speak to. His production company, Electric Night Entertainment, was responsible for the editing of "The Lightswitch Fades", as well as the remastering of "Adam and Yvette" on DVD.

And at last, Fae artist that inspires me daily, and encourages me even more. Her eye captures some of the most breathtaking pictures caught on film, and her music and skill, as an artist of all trades, is both unparalleled and unlike any other. As a web and graphic designer, she has brought Blue November to life with an amazing website, and her posters and photographs of the MicroFilmFest painted the essence of the festival with life. She is truly amazing in every respect. I am humbled by the simple notion of knowing her. Her company, Jetbutterfly, has wings all its own. Watch her fly....

This is a sample of the Circle and the potential of this Circle, and of what other Circles could be. The Circle is never complete, yet it is never, ever broken!

Captain out.


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