Monday, September 06, 2004

The Festival, DVD, and even more visions of the future!

It has happened again! The second time around for the Blue November MicroFilmFest is now steadily approaching and I find that my energy and finances are going somewhere other than my films - ha! Yet, I believe that Tulsa needs a dose of serious cinema. I have my greatest challenge to date...filling 300 seats!

Allow me to explain the events of the day. Roughly a week ago, August 27-29, was a "Tulsa Tradition" in film festival fiascos. This fest has been active for seven years now, and each year shows how apathetic and misguided the Tulsa art scene can be. It is interesting to me how the two founding members can throw together (as witnessed by the production values!) an evening of performances that do not relate, films that are chosen for their perverse and demented humor and video clips and footage that not only have absolutely nothing to do with film, but also negates those who strive to create said art. Only a few films really did offer a retreat from frat boys throwing puppies like footballs and teenagers shooting each other with fireworks.

One was, without a doubt, accepted only because the audience would laugh at the mentally challenged individuals in the film, despite the fact that it was an incredible film! The story was touching and insightful. It displayed art through the eyes of someone who did not even realize their art.

The other film was shot in Tulsa. It was well written, produced and directed. It made a definite impact on my fiance and I. I am still uncertain at how it made it into the festival.

So at the end of night, we walked away feeling cheated out of our $8, but redeemed by the memory of two to three outstanding entries. We did not waste our money on the other two nights.

So this brings me back to my festival. I had to deny a film this evening due to its content. Not an easy thing to do, considering that the whole idea of art and cinema is to keep an open mind and allow expression its due course. However, I have several chances with this year's festival to focus on the positive empowerment of women in cinema! I do not want to disparage the women who have entered their films, nor do I wish to do the same with the integrity of this festival. Alas, I hate saying "no".

In my first week of networking, I have been able to establish future publicity and further contacts that will, hopefully, offer even more exposure. I feel confident about my music venue for the after parties, and I think that the feeling overall is more than excellent. I am not worried about the entries so much as I am about having the place filled to capacity. At the same time, I have good vibes in regards to that situation as well.

On Wednesday, I will travel to Muskogee to see my editor, Bret Mix, and begin finalizing "Adam and Yvette" and "The Lightswitch Fades" and burning them onto DVD. I have many plans for these two films. With the aforementioned copies, I can send my first two works to venues, festivals and even sell them. This will be the first time for "Adam and Yvette" to be seen on DVD. I have a couple of alternate versions in mind too!

Finally, I have this to I think of the future of Blue November, my life and the festival, I am acquiring new visions of how things must become and how things are developing. I know that this will more than likely be the last year of the MicroFilmFest in Tulsa or anywhere, at least in its current form. I see new ideals waiting for me over a familiar horizon. When I reach apogee...I will see everything.

Captain out.


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