Thursday, September 16, 2004

Festival Update #1

Today, I am writing with lofty spirit and a wind at my back. The festival is on its way to being the best that it can be, and so many have joined the quest and have shared their gifts with this circle of collaboration. We have the auditorium at OSU-Tulsa and a possible venue for the after parties, the press is aware of our event, submissions are still arriving, our three judges have been selected and we now have a responsible party willing to create our awards.

Neil Cluck will be our artist. He is designing some very unique trophies for the filmmakers this year. Continuing with the innovation that was established by Charles Waite (award designer from STAGE I of the Blue November MicroFilmFest), Neil brings another wonderful idea to breathtaking life with a series of wood sculptures that will take him into new creative territories. His creations will also be on display in the lobby of the auditorium at the time of the event.

We are still courting various local musicians for the after parties. We are waiting on word from Tony Romanello, who performed at last year's event. Tony has always been a strong supporter of Blue November Creations, and we like to support him as well. His new album is near completion, so please take the time to visit his website at for all of the latest news on Tony and the Band.

I will continue with additional updates as they develop. Many thanx to all those who have either assisted or have supported me with this project. Stay groovy, people!

Captain out.


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