Friday, September 24, 2004

Festival Update #2

In less than a week, the festival entries will come to a close. I have films from all over, some returning guests and a decent handful of local films. Although we have more [Oklahoma] entries this year, I remain in waiting for the film students in Norman. Maybe I have received one from OU, and I didn't realize that I had.

I have begun the task of viewing this year's contenders. I would like to report something positive, and really...I can't. The first film I watched, The Yellow Sign, was very interesting and well paced. The disc had encoding issues, and I am told that another copy is in transit. Tonight I had the misfortune of watching an OK film, one that will not make it into the festival. It was poorly edited and I felt that the story was weak and the production was rushed. Since I am having moderate difficulty securing works by artists in my own state, this film did not adorn my face with a "perky smile". The only redeeming factor was the documentary on zine publishing by Microcosm Publishing in Portland.

If I can secure additional venues, including my after party location, we can include more films.

I had to turn down a film due to exploitation content. The gentleman was very polite and understood why he was turned down. If I am to stay true to my ideals of supporting women, in general and in film, then I cannot show a film of that caliber.

It is beginning to get interesting, folks! Stay tuned to the Captain Channel...same Cap time, same Cap station!

Captain out.


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