Thursday, September 02, 2004

The most amazing thing happened in Colorado...

Fae and I embarked upon a little journey, about two weeks ago, to relax and celebrate our one-year anniversary. Our adventures led us to the misty spring mornings of Colorado and the whispers of quiet seclusions. We tip-toed through the mountains, in and around Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, drinking clean air and talking live about dreams and philosophy. I even played Stieglitz, with my new Super 8's and ideas of unborn images; Fae played O'Keefe with a lens instead of a brush. She is wonderful! We dined at the Organic Earth Cafe and drank the elixir of inspired thought! From the Old Town to Manitou to a well-balanced and diverse downtown scene, we made marks in the pavement and left behind airy kisses of gratitude. Our feet change in direction and we are on to Idaho Springs near Mount Evans. It is here that we find small town charm the way it was meant to be, relaxed and non-threatening. We walk ancient streets and partake of local wares. We travel the dusty shelves of the local library; a book sale is under way. We are directed to the deepest corners of the sublevels, even into a jail cell! Here, I find Nova by Samuel R. Delany.

The evening time brings us to the side of the mountain near Echo Lake. I am absorbing all I see, with my best friend by my side. She is as beautiful as the music sifting through the trees. I want to marry her. So I land on one knee, and I ask her! She says YES! The Aspens and Spruce join the local chipmunks in rejoicing and song! She said yes, and made me the happiest, and luckiest of men.

Until the next adventure....

Captain out.


  • I am so incredibly happy for you and Fae! I love you guys and I wish only the most wonderful blessings for the two spirits that came together in hamronious bunny splendor!

    See you guys again soon!

    By Blogger Adventure Artist Derick, at 11:03 AM  

  • *smooch*

    here's to sailing away on adventure after adventure!
    i love you, my poppyseed pirate!

    the landlocked syren

    By Blogger fae, at 7:55 AM  

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