Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Revolving World

A new day dawns in the weary world of the bohemian artist mind. The threads lay bare and the flask is is the friend of the dreamer. The tales grow longer and more in number. This is the apogee of living time.

My ideas are entwined with breath of dreams laid open and I am in a heavenly spiral of creative flux. My feature film script is underway; the thought processes are a daily adventure. This is actually my second feature film script, although the first, part one in a trilogy, will not be the first to have frames exposed to cinematic starlight! My second script will be the first, born unto this world.

Bret may be a father today....much is yet to be seen. I wish him well!

As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of "Adam and Yvette", the DVD! The remastered version features a sparkling 1930's color rendering that breathes new life into a film that was already full of kaleidoscopic imagery. A copy will soon be on its way to Undergroundfilm.Org, and many, many festivals.

I have a gentleman from Italy sending a film submission based on an H.P. Lovecraft story. Another entry originates from a young lady who was a former film student in Boston; she is from the Philippines.

I am starting a new article to be submitted to Microcinemascene. I will also feature the articles here, as well. For those who are interested in filmmaking of any kind, I will also post the interview with Eric Stanze that I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. The other articles will also be of value, as they will chronicle my past endeavors and future projects.

It is amazing how the world circles around itself. I have visions of the creative realm consistently! I pity those around me, at many people fail to reach their many never try. I am often traveling against the grain, and I attract the attention of those who are happy to or were born to follow it. I am always on the outside, but I am never looking in, not at them. The view is so much greater...out here!

Captain out.


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