Thursday, September 09, 2004

"A Voice Amongst the Stars"

One of my new film projects is a science fiction short entitled "A Voice Amongst the Stars". It is primarily a b/w film with a few well-orchestrated color sequences. The production will involve miniature sets and models, and will include many live action composite shots. As of press time, the city is being constructed in small scale, while casting and costume design continue in their development. The first phase of this project was the design and construction of the pirated mining vessel used by the story's main character.

As you look at this first picture, we see the foreward section of the starboard side. You can see the small propulsion drive at the aft of the vessel, the bridge and operational center protruding from the foreword fuselage, and the laser assembly toward the lower midships. Blast burns are visible from intense mining operations.

You can see the bridge from this foreward view as well. Notice the unusual three-plate design of the ships hull. The idea was to bend the rules of conventional ship design, and at the same time create a vessel that could feasibly exist and operate under actual circumstances.

Here is the final image. This is the aft port section. Once again, the detail depicts the effects of the mining process. We can also see a unique out rigging used for various tasks encountered in deep space lunar mines.

This model is an example of the Blue November design strategy: create that which did not exist before! It is a simple model that was allowed the time to breathe. The result will be a beautiful and spectacular translation onto Super 8 film. It is this exact methodology that will separate Blue November Creations from everything else.

Stay tuned....


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