Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Little People

In every instance where you aspire to do great things, and even more so when you achieve great things, there are those who, in their infinite lack of maturity and intellect, find the need to waste the time of those who are accomplished, and who have accomplished, by projecting negative energy from behind a coward's veil.

For example, I recently received this comment on the blog regarding the results of this year's film festival.

"Wow, Bret Mix won for best picture. The same man who is also editor of 'The Captain's' films. That seems fair and unbalanced. Not at all biased.
By Anonymous"

The immense stupidity of this individual is painful. The fact that Bret is a colleague, a friend and my editor is totally irrelevant. As it was stated in the blog entries, the program, and spoken of at the festival, the Judges were picked as impartial entities, and they were devoid of any influence from me. What would be the point? I have watched films win, when I was hoping for others.

The final point here is, many people volunteered time and money to make this happen. It was a labor of love that was a tremendous success far removed from any would-be slackass that has to make remarks anonymously. Where were they? What have they accomplished?

Many congratulations to the people who contributed space, time, money and a love of the arts. And congratulations to the winners!

Captain out.


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