Monday, July 19, 2004

Alfred Stieglitz

Last Thursday, the 15th, my girlfriend, Fae, and I attended a film at the Philbrook Museum of Art here in Tulsa.  It was centered on Stieglitz, although in conjunction with the "In the American Grain" exhibit, which consists of Dove, Marin, Hartley, O'Keefe and the aforementioned Stieglitz.  Despite his endeavors in the earliest days of still photography, he left an everlasting impression with me, cinematically!
I have made a definite leap further into the Super 8 celluloid theater, yet I am now hungry for the more antiquated.  And so, without hesitation, my 8mm Kodak Scopemeter has emerged for cleaning and preparation.  My plans to purchase a 25 ft. spool of Fomapan R-100 from will make the circle complete.
I am and always will be fascinated by black and white film.  As I breathe in the pictures and the feel of Stieglitz's celluloid paintings, I enter a different metamorphosis; I see colors without spectrum, contrasts and lines of definition and the spark to create something different.  I am on a new threshold.
...stay tuned.

Friday, July 16, 2004

My second short film is now online!

As of today, "The Lightswitch Fades" can be seen online at  Just look in RECENT ADDITIONS.  This is a groovy website with some groovy people at the helm!  Try and support them if you can.
I welcome anyone's input or criticism.
Farewell, for now....
Captain out.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

New short films on the way!

Here is the first of many updates!

First of all, the long awaited Super 8 short "This Way and That" will go into the editing room soon! As the film progresses, I will enlist the talents of Tony Romanello once again, only this time he will be composing an original score.

This film not only is the beginning of a short film trilogy, it is also the first of many Super 8 productions for Blue November.

Principal model construction is now complete for the [short] film "A Voice Among the Stars". The next phase consists of special effects planning and miniature set construction.

The short script for "The Dead Man's Sigh" is a week old, and "Serenity" is near completion.

All productions will be shot on Super 8mm using a variety of cameras.

I plan on bringing more in-depth discussion on the methods and the processes for these films. Stay tuned for more info!

Greetings from the land of Blue!

This is your Captain speaking....I have now entered the inevitable territory of the web log! I hope that I can capture both the attention and the imagination of those with similar minds, as we progress towards cinematic bursts of the unusual and the spectacular.

Blue November's second film festival has already been receiving entries for this year! My current projects are still underway, and many more are in the development stages. Thank you for stoppping by, and be sure to say tuned!

Captain out.