Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Revolving World

A new day dawns in the weary world of the bohemian artist mind. The threads lay bare and the flask is is the friend of the dreamer. The tales grow longer and more in number. This is the apogee of living time.

My ideas are entwined with breath of dreams laid open and I am in a heavenly spiral of creative flux. My feature film script is underway; the thought processes are a daily adventure. This is actually my second feature film script, although the first, part one in a trilogy, will not be the first to have frames exposed to cinematic starlight! My second script will be the first, born unto this world.

Bret may be a father today....much is yet to be seen. I wish him well!

As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of "Adam and Yvette", the DVD! The remastered version features a sparkling 1930's color rendering that breathes new life into a film that was already full of kaleidoscopic imagery. A copy will soon be on its way to Undergroundfilm.Org, and many, many festivals.

I have a gentleman from Italy sending a film submission based on an H.P. Lovecraft story. Another entry originates from a young lady who was a former film student in Boston; she is from the Philippines.

I am starting a new article to be submitted to Microcinemascene. I will also feature the articles here, as well. For those who are interested in filmmaking of any kind, I will also post the interview with Eric Stanze that I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. The other articles will also be of value, as they will chronicle my past endeavors and future projects.

It is amazing how the world circles around itself. I have visions of the creative realm consistently! I pity those around me, at many people fail to reach their many never try. I am often traveling against the grain, and I attract the attention of those who are happy to or were born to follow it. I am always on the outside, but I am never looking in, not at them. The view is so much greater...out here!

Captain out.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Phoenix rising...

My mind is a I live and breathe, I must create!

The Circle

Many have entered this Circle, with brilliant light that astounds and ignites many flames. No one outshines the other. All is relevant and where there are good hearts with the truest souls, there will be peace and magic. I have always sought this freedom of movement, the freedom of the truly liberated.

Within the last two or three years, I have seen so much in so many people. Only a few remain in this final, yet, ever-changing vision.

Derick Snow...a lad of many talents, he is both a friend and a colleague. He is, in my mind, an accomplished actor and editor. His talents range from music and performance to painting and sculpture. In "Adam and Yvette", he filled the gap of supporting actor and editor. You can catch his daily epics at Adventure Artist.

Jes Lenee'...a shy young girl with a passion for life and art that seems, at times, as if it would consume the very Earth itself! Her music sings of life and she is a dedicated artist and performer, poet and photographer. Her band, Autumn Shade, is touring the California coast as I am writing this.

Tony Romanello is someone who has always been very supportive and patient with my chaotic artistic nuances. His music appears in "Adam and Yvette" and will appear in "This Way and That", my first Super 8 short film that remains in post-production. His band, the TRB (Tony Romanello Band) is an amazing group of professional musicians with a down-to-earth humanity that, for such an original band, is rarely seen. Their music is an experience.

Bret Mix...a good friend, and a soon-to-be father! As a filmmaker, he is one my closest colleagues. As an editor, his value is immeasurable. As a friend, he has the distinction of being one of the few "guys" I will even speak to. His production company, Electric Night Entertainment, was responsible for the editing of "The Lightswitch Fades", as well as the remastering of "Adam and Yvette" on DVD.

And at last, Fae artist that inspires me daily, and encourages me even more. Her eye captures some of the most breathtaking pictures caught on film, and her music and skill, as an artist of all trades, is both unparalleled and unlike any other. As a web and graphic designer, she has brought Blue November to life with an amazing website, and her posters and photographs of the MicroFilmFest painted the essence of the festival with life. She is truly amazing in every respect. I am humbled by the simple notion of knowing her. Her company, Jetbutterfly, has wings all its own. Watch her fly....

This is a sample of the Circle and the potential of this Circle, and of what other Circles could be. The Circle is never complete, yet it is never, ever broken!

Captain out.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Autobiographical Mirror

I was sitting this evening, on a patio of a house that is not mine, and I stared at the high moon. The moon had a face, a woman's face, tilted to her left with slightly angled chin; she was singing. I sat there with my Savinelli and a beer. I watched her sing despite the lack of song in my ears. It did not matter. I puffed at my tobacco and I engaged in acts of reflection and new science.

As I mention from time to time, there are many obstacles in the path to individual success, that is, success as it is relative to the individual. I mention these things not only as storyteller, but also to offer awareness. These are the things I see as they happen.

The recent drive for film festival success has brought old notions, ideas and images to the front-and-center of my mind. I place a great deal of my energy into this fest and the ideals behind it. I am passionate! When I see passion, it inspires me and I absorb my own, special way. I am misunderstood, and I always will be. Am I focused? As Kenobi said, it all depends on your point of view!

I am willing to take this walk down memories past with you...will you join me?

In 2001, I was divorced, and thankfully so. My marriage was becoming a burden and I did not know or care to end it, although I was beginning to see that "the end" could only be delayed. The ending was a burden for the betrayer, and I soon, thereafter, entered a Renaissance of myself. The misfortune that would accompany me, however, was investing too much heart and time into useless people that either fell into my path or my bed. This was a lesson I did not learn until sometime had passed as did more than a few women. I hate the thought of what little was gained from this experience, and how much time was wasted on people of their caliber. In fact, it is a pain to my current sensibilities, as it is to my dignity, to think that I wrapped so much of myself around these people at that time. I missed valuable time with friends that were worth my time and friendship.

So later that year, I began to enter the surrounding art scene in Tulsa, only to find that what little art exists in this lost city is little more than prestige and status symbolism painted in pleasing colors so that it pleased the polished eye. I entered the Gypsy Coffeehouse and found a friend for life, friends for the moment and a new soul with low mileage. I entered my thoughts on paper screens and projected a voice I thought never existed. I would learn how to stand up, and then I would learn to stand no matter what. I criticized myself, and then I let!

I was passionate about this, so I supported and encouraged others. Eventually, the friend of a lifetime would take on a different journey. He left the Gypsy behind and headed toward mountain sculptures and poetic inner-corridors. I continued to support. Then came the human drama. I left, and then I came back. I supported and worked on two projects; I quit the one because the negative feel of the place and the setting was wrong; it should not be should never be there! I focused on the other, the Gypsy, and I left when another tried his hand at the spotlight when I always tried to remain in the shadow of the performers - it was their spotlight. I was asked back when it fell through.

A new direction...I was excited again and I had support. Support? What is that? I designed and constructed, forged an idea, tried to create something new...and it worked for a while. I brought amazing people and gave them the chance to be amazing. It worked...for a little while.

I felt the need to leave when the amazing became a secondary notion to cell phone conversations about "Bobby fucking Sally" and the quest for a party with alcohol. There was nothing there any more to motivate me. I felt it unnecessary to waste the artist's time.

I put in my time with very little support. I was expected to run a ship, as they kept punching holes in the hull, and if repairs were needed they ignored them, knowing I would take care of them.

I heard that the owner and members of the staff were angry with me for "slipping away". I find that amusing since I was not paid for the amount of work I did, and the only thing that they offered for my work was a cup of coffee.

And now I put my limited resources into another festival, a festival that I designed for the people. I think of the festival of 2003. I think of Open Mic Night and how many rushed evenings I spent, leaving work and barely eating so that I could give of myself and spend very little time for myself. I think of how many people used my good will. I fed, drove and I even clothed and blanketed people! This all floods into my mind, and I think, "what if I channeled all of that energy into my art, my films?" I don't mind the giving. I will always give, but humanity is always in need. They will take anything you give them, until nothing is left!

I still give, although I give selectively. I sleep now, too. I almost never slept. I can have dreams again, besides the dreams I carry into my day.

And now I sit here, with a and nothingness...and a pipe in my hand and a cool night's airy kiss. I just sit and blow smoke at the moon, while she is singing.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Festival Update #2

In less than a week, the festival entries will come to a close. I have films from all over, some returning guests and a decent handful of local films. Although we have more [Oklahoma] entries this year, I remain in waiting for the film students in Norman. Maybe I have received one from OU, and I didn't realize that I had.

I have begun the task of viewing this year's contenders. I would like to report something positive, and really...I can't. The first film I watched, The Yellow Sign, was very interesting and well paced. The disc had encoding issues, and I am told that another copy is in transit. Tonight I had the misfortune of watching an OK film, one that will not make it into the festival. It was poorly edited and I felt that the story was weak and the production was rushed. Since I am having moderate difficulty securing works by artists in my own state, this film did not adorn my face with a "perky smile". The only redeeming factor was the documentary on zine publishing by Microcosm Publishing in Portland.

If I can secure additional venues, including my after party location, we can include more films.

I had to turn down a film due to exploitation content. The gentleman was very polite and understood why he was turned down. If I am to stay true to my ideals of supporting women, in general and in film, then I cannot show a film of that caliber.

It is beginning to get interesting, folks! Stay tuned to the Captain Channel...same Cap time, same Cap station!

Captain out.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Festival Update #1

Today, I am writing with lofty spirit and a wind at my back. The festival is on its way to being the best that it can be, and so many have joined the quest and have shared their gifts with this circle of collaboration. We have the auditorium at OSU-Tulsa and a possible venue for the after parties, the press is aware of our event, submissions are still arriving, our three judges have been selected and we now have a responsible party willing to create our awards.

Neil Cluck will be our artist. He is designing some very unique trophies for the filmmakers this year. Continuing with the innovation that was established by Charles Waite (award designer from STAGE I of the Blue November MicroFilmFest), Neil brings another wonderful idea to breathtaking life with a series of wood sculptures that will take him into new creative territories. His creations will also be on display in the lobby of the auditorium at the time of the event.

We are still courting various local musicians for the after parties. We are waiting on word from Tony Romanello, who performed at last year's event. Tony has always been a strong supporter of Blue November Creations, and we like to support him as well. His new album is near completion, so please take the time to visit his website at for all of the latest news on Tony and the Band.

I will continue with additional updates as they develop. Many thanx to all those who have either assisted or have supported me with this project. Stay groovy, people!

Captain out.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Super 8 article on Microcinemascene

Back in 2001, I was talking to Eric Stanze of Wicked Pixel Cinema, and we both had similar ideas on the complete lack of technical interviews in regards to filmmaking. So I conducted an interview with Eric that has recently seen the light of day once again. Click here to view the article, and then check out the amazing site that has become Microcinemascene.

For more information on Eric Stanze or Wicked Pixel, go to...

Captain out.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

"A Voice Amongst the Stars"

One of my new film projects is a science fiction short entitled "A Voice Amongst the Stars". It is primarily a b/w film with a few well-orchestrated color sequences. The production will involve miniature sets and models, and will include many live action composite shots. As of press time, the city is being constructed in small scale, while casting and costume design continue in their development. The first phase of this project was the design and construction of the pirated mining vessel used by the story's main character.

As you look at this first picture, we see the foreward section of the starboard side. You can see the small propulsion drive at the aft of the vessel, the bridge and operational center protruding from the foreword fuselage, and the laser assembly toward the lower midships. Blast burns are visible from intense mining operations.

You can see the bridge from this foreward view as well. Notice the unusual three-plate design of the ships hull. The idea was to bend the rules of conventional ship design, and at the same time create a vessel that could feasibly exist and operate under actual circumstances.

Here is the final image. This is the aft port section. Once again, the detail depicts the effects of the mining process. We can also see a unique out rigging used for various tasks encountered in deep space lunar mines.

This model is an example of the Blue November design strategy: create that which did not exist before! It is a simple model that was allowed the time to breathe. The result will be a beautiful and spectacular translation onto Super 8 film. It is this exact methodology that will separate Blue November Creations from everything else.

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Trials and tribulations: an afternoon in Muskogee.

So I took a day off from work, actually planned time off, for my films. That's what it is all about...not figures or orders or meetings - it's about life, and dismissing the things that try to get in the way of art and breath and the kiss of mischievous faeries! I drive...

I acquire tools needed and I drive to the aesthetically challenged town of Muskogee, where casting agencies like to photograph naked young women rather than cast them into movies. This is where Bret, my editor and friend, resides. I arrive at his domicile late, of course, and I find the garage open and the computer asleep. We try to acquaint ourselves as the computer opens its digital eyes and awaits our commands.

The reason we are here? My second film, "The Lightswitch Fades" needs to be copied. I also need master copies for future duplication requirements. Then there is the alternate version of the film, which will be revealed at a later time. The first film, "Adam and Yvette", has yet to see the light of day in DVD format. A master of this film must be made as well, in addition to multiple copies.

Our morning goes well. "Lightswitch" has been copied successfully and we are ready to move on. At a future point in time, I will explain in greater detail the hardships and the learning experience of this film, and the first; for now, I will explain a different aspect of the filmmaking process.

Many will tell you that everything has to be a certain way, or that there is only one way to do this certain thing. There are those who adhere to the ideals of others and not their own. And then there are those who plunder through without aim or a care. I like to be somewhere in the middle with a focus on my own footing!

I believe that there should be research or foreknowledge, and at the same time, it should be disregarded. Point in case is the editing of my films. The experience gained is immeasurable and I believe that diving straight into the fire was the best choice. Some amount of experience was there; we are, after all, passionate about our work!

They say you should not edit your own work, or you should try to waste time on crappy films that you can watch yourself...or you can waste even more time and money on schools that lead you nowhere or, worse yet, seminars that scam the not so wise out of their hard-earned money. Why not make a film?

If it is crap, then so it must be! On the other hand, we find my other point...patience! If you are in a hurry to make a film, then your work will probably display your haste. I think we waste too much time on what others think that we should do...make the bloody film already!

It has taken several months of frustration, conflicting schedules and late nights to complete the editing of my second film. We find so many glitches and snags that it is a test to our dedication. Still, we survive. Today, the master is on DVD, and copies are in mailers bound for festivals across the world.

"Adam and Yvette" will receive the same treatment. It was a rocky afternoon, as we discovered defects in the video capture and the tape itself. Bret's skill as an editor saved the footage, and we now have a finished avi that awaits the burning process. As I type, a newly rendered copy will be in the drive with a dashing and colorful 1930's visual style! After my approval, the copies will be complete.

All it takes is patience, commitment and a deaf ear to everyone that wants to tell you how to do it. We are all different and there is more than one way to do anything! Many people talk about things they have not done, and those with accomplishments often forget the humility involved in the task. Be true to your eye!

If any of this fails to make a proper and cohesive thought, then just remember that I am tired, it is late, and it is not my fault. Good night.

Onto the next adventure!

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Festival, DVD, and even more visions of the future!

It has happened again! The second time around for the Blue November MicroFilmFest is now steadily approaching and I find that my energy and finances are going somewhere other than my films - ha! Yet, I believe that Tulsa needs a dose of serious cinema. I have my greatest challenge to date...filling 300 seats!

Allow me to explain the events of the day. Roughly a week ago, August 27-29, was a "Tulsa Tradition" in film festival fiascos. This fest has been active for seven years now, and each year shows how apathetic and misguided the Tulsa art scene can be. It is interesting to me how the two founding members can throw together (as witnessed by the production values!) an evening of performances that do not relate, films that are chosen for their perverse and demented humor and video clips and footage that not only have absolutely nothing to do with film, but also negates those who strive to create said art. Only a few films really did offer a retreat from frat boys throwing puppies like footballs and teenagers shooting each other with fireworks.

One was, without a doubt, accepted only because the audience would laugh at the mentally challenged individuals in the film, despite the fact that it was an incredible film! The story was touching and insightful. It displayed art through the eyes of someone who did not even realize their art.

The other film was shot in Tulsa. It was well written, produced and directed. It made a definite impact on my fiance and I. I am still uncertain at how it made it into the festival.

So at the end of night, we walked away feeling cheated out of our $8, but redeemed by the memory of two to three outstanding entries. We did not waste our money on the other two nights.

So this brings me back to my festival. I had to deny a film this evening due to its content. Not an easy thing to do, considering that the whole idea of art and cinema is to keep an open mind and allow expression its due course. However, I have several chances with this year's festival to focus on the positive empowerment of women in cinema! I do not want to disparage the women who have entered their films, nor do I wish to do the same with the integrity of this festival. Alas, I hate saying "no".

In my first week of networking, I have been able to establish future publicity and further contacts that will, hopefully, offer even more exposure. I feel confident about my music venue for the after parties, and I think that the feeling overall is more than excellent. I am not worried about the entries so much as I am about having the place filled to capacity. At the same time, I have good vibes in regards to that situation as well.

On Wednesday, I will travel to Muskogee to see my editor, Bret Mix, and begin finalizing "Adam and Yvette" and "The Lightswitch Fades" and burning them onto DVD. I have many plans for these two films. With the aforementioned copies, I can send my first two works to venues, festivals and even sell them. This will be the first time for "Adam and Yvette" to be seen on DVD. I have a couple of alternate versions in mind too!

Finally, I have this to I think of the future of Blue November, my life and the festival, I am acquiring new visions of how things must become and how things are developing. I know that this will more than likely be the last year of the MicroFilmFest in Tulsa or anywhere, at least in its current form. I see new ideals waiting for me over a familiar horizon. When I reach apogee...I will see everything.

Captain out.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The most amazing thing happened in Colorado...

Fae and I embarked upon a little journey, about two weeks ago, to relax and celebrate our one-year anniversary. Our adventures led us to the misty spring mornings of Colorado and the whispers of quiet seclusions. We tip-toed through the mountains, in and around Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, drinking clean air and talking live about dreams and philosophy. I even played Stieglitz, with my new Super 8's and ideas of unborn images; Fae played O'Keefe with a lens instead of a brush. She is wonderful! We dined at the Organic Earth Cafe and drank the elixir of inspired thought! From the Old Town to Manitou to a well-balanced and diverse downtown scene, we made marks in the pavement and left behind airy kisses of gratitude. Our feet change in direction and we are on to Idaho Springs near Mount Evans. It is here that we find small town charm the way it was meant to be, relaxed and non-threatening. We walk ancient streets and partake of local wares. We travel the dusty shelves of the local library; a book sale is under way. We are directed to the deepest corners of the sublevels, even into a jail cell! Here, I find Nova by Samuel R. Delany.

The evening time brings us to the side of the mountain near Echo Lake. I am absorbing all I see, with my best friend by my side. She is as beautiful as the music sifting through the trees. I want to marry her. So I land on one knee, and I ask her! She says YES! The Aspens and Spruce join the local chipmunks in rejoicing and song! She said yes, and made me the happiest, and luckiest of men.

Until the next adventure....

Captain out.