Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Status Report

We are currently standing in the NUMBER 4 [Most Watched] position at! We stayed at #5 for quite some time, and I am trying to beat the record I achieved with "The Lightswitch Fades", which was Number 3 on the MOST WATCHED LIST. Thanx to everyone who has watched my films already. Stay tuned to and for all the latest news. We are currently prepping a facility that will mass produce copies of both films, and they will be for sale soon! Stay groovy, people!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Middle of the Week

So I am behind on my entries to the Blog, I am desperately trying to catch up on reading, movie watching and learning new things, not to mention creativity! I find sleep an elusive and fascinating thing that seems to creep up on me, and then attacks before I have a chance to study it. The Holidays are here and I have so many tasks ahead of me in the days to come. I have very few wants or needs, but they still add up. I am trying to assess my real needs as a filmmaker, and then the secondary needs and the wants will be taken care of in time. This is a difficult thing considering that certain visuals in my mind require certain things that I do not have. Musically, I am trying to be simplistic and minimalistic, and still retain what I want. I know that I will not be a dynamic guitarist and musician, but I will be a musician nonetheless. I am looking at costs and quality and versatility...three things that rarely meet. I like the idea, the look and the feedback of the Yorkville and Ashdown bass amps, but I am looking at either the Yorkville or a Tech 21. Again, these two may still be too pricey, so I have recently looked at the new Roland Cube amps, after I talked to a gentleman who was playing Jazz at the Philbrook. He played the new Cube 60 with a Gibson archtop. It sounded bloody fantastic! I can't help but to be a gearhead. So, I looked at the Cube Bass by Roland and it seems to be a nice amp for much less in the money department. I am working on honing my skills a bit further before I look at this seriously. As for the filmmaking ventures, I am currently prepping on a few different projects, including a set using materials that I secured recently for free! I am also looking at filters for my next project. I have to replace my tripod, my Cokin filter system and I have to assess my camera situation. I have yet to find my signature camera. This seems silly to some, but it is the same thing with musicians and their "Number One". I am shooting some footage this Saturday at a Tony Romanello concert. I plan on shooting other footage, and soon. I have yet to decide on the subject or project. I just saw the Aldo Nova video for "Fantasy", which was everything cool about movies from the Eighties, complete with Uzi Gunmen, a helicopter and Aldo Nova breaking into a locked building with a laser blast from his Les Paul! Did I mention the leopard cat suit he was wearing? This gives me ideas! Aside from that, my wish list is not long. It just takes time, and I am using my time wisely until then. I am looking forward to editing and using my Regular 8mm camera. I am working on a few ideas with Mr. Mix, and I am always writing...just not on my Blog, it seems! Well, that is all for now. Captain out.

The Long Road

"Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds."
- Albert Einstein

Aside from the lack of people, in the general public as well as the world of cinema, that can think outside of the box, I am finding it difficult to find outlets for my first two films. They are not the greatest films of all time, but they are excellent films and they need to be seen.

I have arrived at my predicted scenario, whereas my films would be well received in the underground scenes or even smaller sub-scenes of the underground. This is okay with me. I already have a small following with the films here in Tulsa. I would rather have a small group of people that enjoy and appreciate them, than a larger group of people that only journey halfway into the film. Watching a film is a journey, and you have to go all the way!

So, I am looking for these underground/microbudget outlets, and I am finding that some have disappeared! On a more positive note, I may be able to send "Adam and Yvette" to London, and another television show in Ohio is accepting films for an art show. The possibilities are there.

I still am amused by the complacency of minds coiled in their comfortable ball. And there is always someone that believes that because they say it, then it must be so. They are so eager to tear someone down, instead of lifting them up. There is great pride in being able to encourage someone. I know this, because I have done it. I do present myself with pride and self-assurance, not in a pretentious manner. Unfortunately, that is often confused. So, this becomes an opportunity for those who exist to breathe the negative. It seems that there is only one method, one idea, one opinion that is "so obviously" the only one that matters. This is a sad thing, especially when one is dealing with artists. I think that prejudice still exists in many forms, today; if someone presents a presence that deviates from the normality, then the bigots of that said field or ideal are prone to eradicate the impurity, usually through scorn and neglect. Like I said, one such field is the arts, and there are some pretentious bastards in this bourgeois scene.

It does not matter. I have a vision, and that sustains me. I find peace in my creations, and in the purest of hearts in those who deliver positive energy flow. The World needs a Revolution, and the mediocre will not triumph.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Super Eight Surrealism

The festival has died for the waning year of 2004, and both of my completed works, Adam and Yvette and The Lightswitch Fades respectively, have made their way onto the Net. Aside from continued efforts at festival exposure and a few minor changes to Lightswitch, those days are now over. So, where do we go from here?

What is truly my first film, This Way and That, has yet to undergo the editing process. It is an interesting film that will be discussed in more detail at a later time, nonetheless, it has been a long road filled with multiple shoots taking place at various times over the past several years with a variety of people. That process may not be over!

Presently, I have, literally, dozens of film ideas and scripts that are ready and waiting for their director. I have to finish the aforementioned film so that I can move on to the second part of the trilogy in which it belongs. Make sense? And then of course there are the "other" films and my passion for Super 8.

I produced the first two films on 8mm video. Although I believe that celluloid would have been better, the advantage of video assisted with the circumstances encountered on each set. Furthermore, it provided a foundation for the next series of films.

At the core, Blue November Creations and Captain Chambers relies on the antiquated techniques of the cinema age. Super 8 is the tool. Using reversal stock eliminates the extra cost and process of work prints and negatives, and it is inexpensive in regards to other film stocks. Even Regular 8mm is available, and at my disposal.

I am trying to finalize my arsenal, by either acquiring the cameras I need or by repairing or assessing those that I already have. Since I am approaching the point whereas all my funds available for film production are reserved for film stock and processing, the purchase of cameras does not make the "to do" list, unless the $1 camera at a thrift store or garage sale should arise. The disadvantage here, is that these are used cameras. Their inner workings, if working at all, are worn and aged. This creates many problems since I am not a candidate for "Repairman of the Year".

I have been searching for certain things to use as my palette. I may have found a source for Foma Pan R100, a silver-oxide 8mm film stock that should produce a very desirable black and white image. I am also experimenting with various ideas for cameras, and even more alternate methods for creating effects on little or no budget.

I have a vision, of writing, producing and directing over 200 films, both short and feature. I have new concepts to share and they will be some of the first. Film is alive and well in the digital age, so long as its Masters are able to see.

The Shape of Things to Come - Cinema

It started with Blair Witch; a couple hundred thousand, if memory serves me correctly, to make a cinematic phenomenon.

In more recent occurrences, Open Water is made for $10,000, appearing on screens everywhere. Later that year, a Sundance favorite makes a big screen debut. Primer was made for $7000 and was an incredible film with a well-written storyline! What next?

This is my prediction....

You see the trend, right? I do not have every example here, but more and more films are being produced with more reasonable amounts of money. Current film budgets are ridiculous, creating a false impression for aspiring filmmakers.

Even though I am not a fan, the digital medium offers an even more affordable option. One step further: digital has arrived to the point where the frame rate matches film. What does that mean? Digital works can be transferred to 35mm motion picture film!

My prediction is that low-cost films will have their respective fifteen minutes. My first feature film, Solid, has a projected budget of $1000, even with film. So raise a glass!

To the breath and wind of artists...may they always fill our sails!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Little People

In every instance where you aspire to do great things, and even more so when you achieve great things, there are those who, in their infinite lack of maturity and intellect, find the need to waste the time of those who are accomplished, and who have accomplished, by projecting negative energy from behind a coward's veil.

For example, I recently received this comment on the blog regarding the results of this year's film festival.

"Wow, Bret Mix won for best picture. The same man who is also editor of 'The Captain's' films. That seems fair and unbalanced. Not at all biased.
By Anonymous"

The immense stupidity of this individual is painful. The fact that Bret is a colleague, a friend and my editor is totally irrelevant. As it was stated in the blog entries, the program, and spoken of at the festival, the Judges were picked as impartial entities, and they were devoid of any influence from me. What would be the point? I have watched films win, when I was hoping for others.

The final point here is, many people volunteered time and money to make this happen. It was a labor of love that was a tremendous success far removed from any would-be slackass that has to make remarks anonymously. Where were they? What have they accomplished?

Many congratulations to the people who contributed space, time, money and a love of the arts. And congratulations to the winners!

Captain out.