Monday, January 31, 2005

"Solid" roadtrips and "Solid" denial!

Several weeks ago, I embarked on a journey to find an abandoned gas station for the first vignette in the feature film "Solid". I drove East of Claremore, through Pryor and into and through Salina, heading South on Highway 82. I traveled for nearly an hour stopping in Peggs just before I would reach Talequah. I saw nothing...and I was pretty far South. Too many banjos on the wind....

So I returned North enough to reach 412 and I set a course for Tulsa. One hundred miles. I traveled one hundred miles in that afternoon. No gas station.

About two weeks ago, I am traveling back from a wonderful retreat with Fae; we left Bartlesville, devouring pavement on Highway 75. There are rolling hills everywhere. I saw these hills as the perfect location for the Mother scene of "Solid". Fences. I sometimes have to fight the urge...I sometimes have to be a responsible Pirate, even though I don't want to. We could easily slip in, shoot and slip out. Sigh...

So I see a number on a sign somewhere in Skiatook. I call. I tell my story and wait for "Skeeter", the ranch owner, to ask stupid questions...instead he reads me a list of things he will need [signed] in order for him to review it! He needed insurance forms, statements, declarations, a lock of hair, a note from my Mother and magic beans. Too intense for what this needs to be. This redneck idiot ignored my explanation of how "my crew and cast would be small and there would not be any vehicles or equipment on the property". I will find someone else, or I will use State Parks. Simple as that!

Today, I made the trek to Mayes County, once again, in search of the elusive gas station. I discovered that it was an old highway on the West side of the lake and not on 82. We turned North and soon discovered the place. A small house at a junction, white-washed wooden tree swing, ornate flowers and garden, and two antique gas pumps that seemed as if they could operate...and a giant Phillips 66 sign. Unfortunately, I can not use this with the house, but the scene was very interesting. Not to be discouraged, my Dad (and passenger) and I returned; I will begin the search again tomorrow!


At last, a fondest farewell to "Adam and Yvette" first short film stayed for quite some time in the MOST WATCHED list on Undergroundfilm.Org, and now has slipped off the radar. We reached as high as Number Four!

So what now?

I have to say that the world is opening up for possibility. Both short films are currently residing in Indianapolis. Four sets of BNC Press Kits, along with the two short films, are on their way to New York, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Tomorrow, I will send a copy of "The Lightswitch Fades" to a Portland magazine publisher, and I will also be sending copies to my old friend Rock Savage in Maryland for his unique fest, Cinema A Go Go. If you want to see a dedicated independent director, then check out Rock at the Savage Film Group.

We are only beginning. It is difficult to see films with juvenile sexual references in its title receive more "airtime" than the truly credible films offered. Despite the lack of intelligence in its viewers, I am proud to be a continuing part of Undergroundfilm.Org.

I continue with the Super 8 editing process on several films. I have had to deal with issues that I could not deal with until the proper time. The learning experience is neverending.

I am proud to watch these films. As I continue to create, and as I send these little creations out into the world, I am truly proud. Parents, and their children...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Leading up to "Solid"

I can not remember when the idea was born; all I know is the story came to me when I started thinking of the actor, Matthew Truelove. Matthew is an obscure under-the-underground free form slam-daddy of a poet. He is a man of social and ecological conscious. He was more publicized in the old Gypsy days, and was plugged frequently by another amazing dude of prose, Michael Levell. As he did then, he still carries a jug of water wherever he goes. I had the chance on December 29th of last year to see Matthew perform again at a new coffeehouse venue on Brookside. I discussed the idea of casting him in this film that had been growing in intensity inside my head.

His enthusiasm at the idea sparked a surge of ideas, and on January 12th of this year, I met dear Matthew and gave him his "homework assignment". I defined six different characters that represented different ideas or states. I then asked him to write on each, individually and separate of any notion of the film. I returned one week later to retrieve this new document. Even though I will write the script, I look to Matthew's words as research, inspiration and insight into his mind. The goal I am trying to reach is a script written by me, but for him.

I had written an opening dialogue prior to this meeting. Only recently, I have revised that intro.

This past weekend was spent with Fae in Osage Hills State Park at a cabin in the woods surrounded by wildlife, dead silence and cold air. We were able to refresh and relax and it was a perfect time for us both to create. There, I completed my initial notes derived from Matthew's work. The foundation was set for the script.

I wanted to open the scene in a wooded den, with a sofa and fireplace. I am currently seeking this set location. Another location I want for this project is an abandoned gas station. It has to be barren and without logos or slogans. The way America works, even though you might be doing free advertising for a product [that may find its way onto film], they still will charge you for use of that image, and I'm not paying the corporate bastards anything!

So, I asked around for a suitable filling station and I received a lead on Highway 82, South of Salina. After traveling for some distance, I decided to turn around after demolition duelly drivers tried desperately to run the Phoenix aground, and the fact that I was nearly in Talequah made me think that I had gone too far. So I made my way to 412 and headed back to Tulsa. I logged 100 miles from my after work trip! I later found that the gas station was only a few miles North of Salina. I will travel again this week.

I will be adding more as all things progress. Captain out.

The feature film "Solid"

As of last night (Monday, January 24th, 2005), the script for the new feature film "Solid" is underway. All short film projects are, more-or-less, suspended at this time, as the BNC Team conducts research and location scouting for this new undertaking. Casting is also in process, with Matthew Truelove making his debut as lead actor.

Monday, January 24, 2005

It has been awhile...

So, I haven't written! I am here now, and this is the story as I know it...

We are in January, and we are in the year 2005. We all know this and there is no reason to reiterate the same....not much has changed. Britney, Jessica and now, Lindsay are still talentless American-Pop-Media whores sold to the consumer in neat little plastic packages of glittering apathy...and, of course Paris is still a waste of space. What do we have to look forward to? A remake (Hollywood has made a remake!!!) of Dukes of Hazzard with Mrs. Simpson as Daisy. Then, of course, there is the all-important issue of her "marriage" to Nick. Meanwhile, there are struggling artists (that would be people who actually make art) in the subways of New York, trying to live a dream, trying to express themselves, and all they get is harassment from the Pigs and lack of acceptance, because the brand new "reality" show is airing tonight. Here's your reality show right here...try someone selling their literature to make a dollar or two, or someone sleeping on the bus, train or train station...rising the next day, or rising when a night stick is poked at you like you're some kind of caged animal. The reality is that you were not harming anybody; powertrips. America is a joke.

Hello 2005!

Stay tuned for the next reality is made every 15 minutes.

"Adam and Yvette" Revisited

My first short film has been lingering on-line at in the most delightful way! Its position hovered at #8, dipping to #9 and then up again to 8. So, I, again, posted info on various i-net groups and through e-mail and the film shot up to #5 and #6. Currently, we are holding at 7. We finally ousted a spot from a film with the word "horny" in the title. This was only a small victory, since the Number One spot is still "Porn Wars" and now, a movie with "Dick" in the title has taken residence. This is frustrating, but perseverance is supreme!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Film Update

I have been writing on a number of projects, including one of two feature projects (which will have a working title soon!). My short film projects include The Submariner, Solitary Pedestrian, My Tulsa, Serenity and The Deathbed of Planetary Sleep. I could name a few more, but you get the idea.

As of today, I have completed my first Impressionist Film, Colorswitch. I shot the two and a half minutes of footage this past Monday afternoon. I was on the patio, smoking a pipefull and having a Bass Ale, and I was thinking (which I often do while smoking my Savinelli). These images came to me from simple 'impressions' and observations of my surroundings. The result was a series of motion images captured on Kodachrome 40. This is the first of an entire collection of films in the Impressionistic style. The next step is developing and editing, and then transferring the footage to DVD.

Stay tuned.