Monday, February 28, 2005

Poetry: "Coffeehouse Cantina"

"Coffeehouse Cantina" by Captain Chambers
Copyright 2003-5 Adam Shea Chambers

Painted bricks of broken color

fragments of time on an abandoned wall

caffeine stains on

polyester cuffs

the dreamer...never sleeps.

Fires of the mental plains

frustration and ambition

dividing the mind when

the frailties of reality

have revealed an ugly truth

somehow, we persevere

the divisions of thought offer unto us

a balance

so long as our imaginative state

reigns as the majority.

Within our grasp we could

master night and day by

simply closing our eyes!

We define our dimensions;

climate is self-inflicted.

The smoke fills the air

is it the nicotine fires, or

is it the burning of inspiration?

Every day is the dawn of our awakening.

Velvet Java

encased in froth amidst

pirouettes of sprinkled Heaven atop

fluffy white clouds that


above a steam-laden surface;

the foundation of thought.

I begin with the quest

for picturesque words

the hunger

for what did not exist moments before

I ache inside for this

it swells, and consumes

and either pen, or brush

or fingers upon strings or keys, or

a voice painted on a canvas of air

the quest continues

never-ending, and

my last breathe

will be that of creation

and I sit


in this Cantina

with unruly characters

of shady and questionable origin

diversity is the key

and all is serene

in the minds of the infant creaters.

We spell doom for all

for ourselves

or we relish the victory within reach

it is a tale that is told by the singular

the constant

in infinite visions

the one is strong

and wise.

The clock taunts us with youth

the promise it could not keep

so in its defeat

we find our youth from our souls

and it begins

waking from dream after dream

only to find that

we are nothing more than a dream

and dreamers surround all that they touch

with immeasurable wisdom

the destiny of the Ancients.

Kiss the daylight away with your vision

make the light fade

and roll the film.

It is picture time.

Pictures in motion


the flicker never ends.

Crew additions for the film "Solid"

We have added several people to our crew for this upcoming feature film. Although the cast is nearly complete, I will refrain from announcing such until a later time.

The film will feature myself as Director and Writer, and of course the production will managed by Blue November as well, which is basically me again!

Fae Wiedenhoeft will be our Cinematographer. She will communicate with the Gaffer to ensure proper lighting for the subject, as well as operate the main camera. She will not handle this task alone, since I will be working by her side.

Nick Dubriwny will be our Script Supervisor. He will ensure consistency and continuity in the script, working with me on the final draft. Nick will also take on additional responsibilities during the actual shoot.

Jes Lenee' will be one of possibly several Production Assistants, although she will be in charge of that crew if one materializes. Her role will be to document our technical methods such as exposure settings and lighting. This will be the first crew position for the BNC acting alumni.

I will post full credits as they happen or as they are completed.

Saturday's Scouting Mission

As we await permission from the Utica Square Property Management Office, we are still making our journey forward. I am currently at page 30 on the script, and I have two vignettes left, Memory and Awakening.

I am still deciding on locales for the various scenes. The first few scenes are crucial, and I have chosen two possible locations. We decide to make the trip to scout these locations, and this past Saturday marked the most extensive scouting mission of Blue November history! It will be a trip that encompasses an approximate 400 miles and begins in OKC, where an award from Stage II was finally received.

6 a.m.

I was already tired from the last few days...Six in the morning was not welcome! I staggered out and into a shower, and then out to the Phoenix. I checked and added the appropriate fluids, loaded the cargo bay and prepared for passenger and pilot. My beautiful Navigator and Co-Pilot waited patiently as we set sail on another one of our infamous adventures.

8 a.m.

I have a full tank from the previous evening's fill up, and I make one last stop to check air pressure before we depart. At this point, our mission has cost $30.00 for gas.

10:30 a.m.

We arrive a little late to our first destination. We are meeting Maggie Abel and Dena Madole at the same sound studio where "In the Age of Winter" was recorded. Dena is the recipient for Best Sound in the Stage II competition of the Blue November MicroFilmFest of 2004.

A professional photographer was hired for the event, and the better part of thirty minutes was spent in various poses and arrays involving different arrangements of those present. After the task was accomplished, we presented our farewell and made way toward the Paseo District, where we dined on a light lunch with coffee. We had to make the usual OKC run to the Duncan Donuts, and then back South to the I-40 junction.

12 Noon

We begin driving West. The Phoenix is flying brilliantly across the asphalt sky! Our heading is Hydro, a small Route 66 town. We find the city, ask directions and find the gas station, our first mission objective, running parallel to the Interstate. The gas station has been out of service for some time, it is remote and unoccupied. This is perfect for the purpose of the film. We take pictures for production reference, and then we doubleback.

We head East and turn South toward Hinton. South of Hinton is Red rock Canyon State Park; this is our second mission objective. We turn down the entrance and begin the descent into the canyon.

The rock is a rich red that will translate well on Kodachrome. We slither through the snakelike passages, stopping periodically to investigate and document. It takes some time for me to find the exact spot I want. Persistence is a great ally! I not only find my target, I also find other points where a different element of the story can grow. Additional photos are recorded.

After we achieve our final goal, we plot a new course...for home.

6:30 p.m.

We arrive in the sunset hazy glow of Tulsa evening. In summary, our mission was successful. Both locations have officially been chosen for the film "Solid". We will plan a weekend camping expedition to Red Rock, shoot at Hydro before retiring to the Canyon, where we will shoot the following day.

Our evening draws to a close, and our daydreams melt into our slumber.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Thoughts on the Day

I am spinning in different directions, feeling the normal persuasion that work is a waste of time, and I am trying to create on all levels despite the lack of energy. It is an unruly time.

I am on the quest for a decent, yet small and affordable bass amp. I have been in the company of Gordon for the past few days, and I cannot wait to have him properly adjusted by the Fender repair shop. This is a great bass guitar, and even though there may come a day where I would want a regular scale bass, the more I play Gordon, I seriously doubt that! I do not want to spend a small fortune on an amp, but I do not want a lackluster piece of equipment. I want something that will give the best sound for its size. Keep looking...

I have the ol' laptop word processor fully functional again. The volumes of poetry I have are amazing! It definitely excites me. I have not acquired inspiration to write or perform poetry in some time, but the thought of not one, but several books in my future is very exciting.

I am still struggling with the discipline of reading. I saw "Sphere" on the tele day before last, and I remember how much I enjoyed the book. I want to recapture that, but so many other things have my attention. Keep trying...

Now, I am winding down...not looking forward to "Hell Week" at work...trying to plant the seeds of dreams wherever they may grow, and I need sleep. The Rock and Roll in me is expanding, and I look forward to the next few weeks.

I have been unable to contact Matthew for several days, but Fae and I had the company of Derick and Jes last night for tea. It was a wonderful visit, and Derick now has a copy of one of his two characters for his review. I love when my actors are excited about their parts!

My mood: hopeful and sleepy.
Listening to: Kings of Convenience, and October Rust by Type O Negative.
Reading: old poetry written by Captain
Watching: Battlestar Galactica, The Alternative on VH1 Classic

Until the sun rises next time...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Update on "Solid"

I have still been writing. The process is an account of frowns and smiles as well as opportunity. I write whenever I find the moment. It is a good story that compels its creater to journey on.

I am still negotiating the end location and have scouted the area just yesterday. I have communicated with the property management staff, and I expect an answer this next week.

Due to a formatting problem, the current script had to be revised. I have finished that today, and I am resuming the process. I think this was actually for the best, since I now have my dialogue exactly the way I want it.

I am talking, distinctly, with three actors. A fourth has yet to become fully aware of his role, should he choose to accept it. Props appear to be a matter of purchasing, and then returning when done; this will save about three hundred and fifty dollars.

I will be updating on the process in the next few days.

Lack of Integrity

One simple scene in the new film has to change. I wrote a very simple part for a very simple reference of music to denote hearing as an element. I had a person in mind, and she would have been perfect.

She decided to appear in some swimsuit travesty, instead of retaining the dignity she had, and the example she was leading for her feminine peers. I can understand the bimbo blonde waitress, and the equally bimboesque wannabe "tough girl" bartender/waitress...there's not much out there for the talentless and shallow urban Tulsa scene. T & A is all they can amount too...all they choose to be. They try to hide behind charity...but charity can be given without neglecting your self-respect. It is a sad nation, when it takes such ridiculous circumstances in order for people to help their fellow humankind! And my former friend decided she wants to play this part.

The bottom line is, I cannot and will not condone this behavior. It is my principles on the line here, and I do not back down for any reason, especially money. If exposure was what she was after, she more ways than one. If she can live with it, then she will have to; I will not. Some of us, have to have values.

This script will be augmented appropriately.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

I may not be writing much here, but...

I am currently on page twenty-five of the feature script "Solid". This has occupied the greater part of my time lately...and most of my sleep! The very nature of the film is philosophical and dialogue heavy. I learned from a great man, that all you have to write! You have a lifetime to edit. So I allow the ideas to pour forth and spill onto the paper. Then, I have to make them connect, I have to make them fit. I take great care to insure that, in my own fashion, there is a cohesive effect running through the storyline. Another factor, is the dialogue itself, which is written by me and in my style, yet I have tailored it (or tried!) for the actors. We will see how it all works out.

I am scouting a location on the 27th of this month in Hydro, Oklahoma. This is the best sounding lead I have heard for the gas station I need. South of this point is our next stop, Red Rock Canyon State Park, my next scouting location. Coincidentally, if acceptable, these two locations will be the settings of the first two vignettes of the film.

As for props, these are the items I have been researching over the course of the past two weeks:

a galvanized steel oval (livestock) watering trough

a two man 45' boom lift from a rental store

large industrial size container of chocolate syrup

two handheld televisions

star-shaped ice cube trays

and a few other items I cannot remember right now.

I have talked with a local shopping outlet about the use of their property, and I have the complete ending and ending chapter written. Matthew, and his counterpart for the first chapter, have received said chapter for their review. I have only three out of the six vignettes left to finish. I predict that I will have a complete, or nearly complete script by the end of next week.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Blue November "Bible"

During the creative process of "Solid", I find my trusty Bible to be of great value. Before the Holy Rolling Stones begin to rock, I must assure you that this is not any mere Bible. This is the book in which my creative playground can live and breathe and fire becomes a living thing, the Moon is a close friend and the stars twinkle with music. I have made notes from my earliest film thoughts to the most recent. There are notes and sketches from my experience at the Remington exhibit in the Gilcrease Museum, and there are notes on Stomp at the Brady. This is the book where all of my ideas and influences, cinematically speaking, come to life.

The BNC Bible is my tool for reaching many of my goals, including my goal to become the most prolific filmmaker of all time. I have set the bar at two hundred films. Those films will come to see the pages of my Book.

I have remembered a piece that was to be titled "Inside Out", written in my book for a distant project that had yet to be developed. That idea was never sketched, but the image is still there. I am currently transferring that idea to the climax of "Solid". In the interest of secrecy, I will say only will accompany an ice bath.