Sunday, March 27, 2005

March 26th - Scouting with the Star of "Solid"

We slept too late on Friday to make our way North to the land of Tallgrass. Fae and I glistened in the cool and tranquil day, and I reserved Saturday for a trip that would now include the film's star, Matthew Truelove.

I met Matthew and together, we headed north on 75 toward Bartlesville, east toward Pawhuska, and then north again into Tallgrass Prairie. The trip took about an hour and a half, and we arrived at this mystic place that was tainted only by our incursion and the distant and visible presence of power lines. Our first stop was a hill that we both climbed in frigid wind and spitting rain. On top of this hill, we could see everywhere! The only sound was the wind and the highways, no street noise, no traffic. This hill would be perfect for two scenes, the new scene, The Waiting Room, and the object of the mission, the scene for Mother.

We circled through the expanse of the Reserve. Buffalo roam here, and there presence was everywhere. Matthew is a gardner and a nature boy; his bohemian style is very, shall we say, organic! Upon arriving at a scenic lookout, we noticed a minefield of bison chips scattered over the ground before us. Matthew immediately sprang forth to grab the nearest chip, break it open and inhale deeply. He then proceeds to retrieve his backpack and stuff it full of bison manure! We smuggled this out of the Prairie!

Our tour took us to many places, including a dangerous trek where our walking about made the Ranger nervous, and the mighty Phoenix faced off with statuesque buffalo sentries.

A quick lunch in the dying and conservative town of Pawhuska ended our stay. The secondary objective was to find one of three known salvage yards on Highway 75. I stopped at one, acquiring a phone number. The number was called and the older gentleman is very open to the idea of allowing us to shoot a scene in his junkyard!

A very prosperous day of location scouting was had by all.

March 17th @ Cain's

Elvis Costello...someone I have never listened to with any sincere capacity. We have tickets...Nick, Fae and I, and we are Downtown Bound in Nicky's Pimpadelic Hot Rod from the South Side. We park near our post-concert destination, and begin the walk towards the enormous line running the length of the abandoned sidewalk from Cain's Ballroom.

While in line, I find myself in a conversation over Episode III and Battlestar Galactica with a man I would easily picture in a biker bar. The doors open...

As for the first few moments, all I have to say is that I hate beer in a can! We find friends, and a perch to the right and to the front of the stage. The opening act is Tift Merrit, a country-singing woman from North Carolina. The interesting thing is, she was moving her body provocatively despite the fact that her expression and her appearance, that of a soccer mom, were completely opposite of her body language. The music was fair, but as we discussed, it seemed to routine and rehearsed.

Then Elvis Costello walked onto the stage. Playing favorites, as well as many tracks from his new album, he was a crowd pleaser and motivator. Elvis had amazing interaction with the crowd and a love for the venue; he is a storyteller and a showman. The night was finished with a simple acoustic song, where he left the amplification of the microphone and walked to the edge of the stage, still singing! This was incredible...and it could have been more incredible if Tulsans were not so stupid, and they knew magic when they saw it. When they finally quieted, the song was over.

A wonderful night of music was completed with more than a few rounds at the local pub. Since Nick was driving, I found myself floating on the usual alcoholic cloud.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Electric Night

Bret Mix is an amazing entity in the truly independent world of cinema. Not only is he capable and efficient, he is a good friend as much as he is a joy to work with. In the upcoming Blogs, I will elaborate more on his future role in the new film, and Blue November.

Check out the latest at Electric Night Entertainment.

New Post Coming Soon

I promise...there are so many things going on, that I have not had time, but I will make time soon!

Captain out.

Poetry: "Dead City" (2005)

Dead City
by Captain Chambers

In a glass refuge
bound by hard lines
tangled in power lines
web of city thieves
the echoing of distilled nightmares
embraced and never returned
ants like clockwork
feeding rituals on cue, and
makeshift people try to sail under harsh conditions.
Where are the joymakers
the tinkerers
and toymakers
where are the joymakers?
Metallic coffins
transient and mindless
receiving false information about the real view
a view of so few
so little shared
and I am
tracing outlines with a gaze and
wondering out loud
inside my head
hoping they will hear me and
no one is listening to me as I say
“Wake up! Your time has come!”
It’s almost up.
I play with this world one day at a time
fondling the delicate strands of measure after measure
Can you….feel – that?
Not alone
there are strange voices here
and they are thirsty
will they ride home with me
and drink of a fountain that can flood the world
or will the fountain move towards thirst
drowning the voluntary victims
perhaps I will be the victim and the circle unites
spinning around in a haze of what exists and
what we create
I do not live in the place that you do
I do not breathe this air, I
do not belong to your kind.

The blue-collar whores of the Machine
spin with dollar sign flagpoles
like that celebration in May
and they give their joy away
like careless intentions
lack of attention to
heart songs
sounded in harmonious symphony
by those who are still alive
in this dead city.
No one dares to make a sound….
that would be too loud!
I cannot believe I am here
and I know that I am not
I am not like them
I am an alien
manifested by the raw energy of thought and creation
given the gifts of my language
compelled to speak
and on the dawn of the beginning
I was placed in this populated shell
born in front of its mask
and given the opportunity
to teach it how to speak!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

New short film script, and one step closer to "Solid"...

As of Tuesday, March 8th, the second to the last chapter for "Solid" is now complete. I am now carefully writing the last chapter that precedes the climax of the film, and is a pre-climax of sorts in its own right. This section will be slightly different than the others.

Inspiration hit me again, with the conception and completion of a short film script entitled "Born Unto Social Hypocrisy".

I feel very productive in these last few days.

Several songs have been born of my hand. Four are complete lyrics, and four more will be complete tomorrow. A recording session may be near...perhaps, the first album?

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wandering through Tulsa

Yesterday was an astounding day for me. I updated my info on the web, and submitted some of my art. I met the beautiful Fae for lunchtime adventures. I then proceeded to scout further locations for "Solid" throughout the Tulsa Area.

I am currently writing on the chapter entitled Memory, which also happens to be the character's name. This location is still being decided. I chose a location, and I shot digital pictures from every angle...including the "NO TRESPASSING" sign. I have not decided yet, but I will probably shoot there anyway. I will shoot early on a Sunday Morning when everyone else is in church.

I also captured a few images on 61st Street, between Harvard and Yale, that may be used as an alternate location for the same scene. On that same street, I also took a picture of an outside wall that may be the set for an optional scene.

I was able to pickup some 400 ft. Super 8 reels for $2 from Wolf Camera. Very cool!

I acquired some new pipe tobacco from Ted's Pipe Shop in Utica Square. I am looking forward to a pipefull this afternoon.

Finally, I stopped by the local Salvation Army store at 21st and Sheridan. I searched through the clothing for Matthew's costume. I want Earth tones for his character. I found a sweater with tans, whites and soft browns...the pants are a stony brown, and they are corduroy! I am on the quest, today, for an undershirt and a bright orange scarf. I spent a total of $8. It is so easy to budget a film, once you leave the Hollywood/American perception of things.

Money does not make the world go round...people do.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

deviantART Site for Captain Chambers

I belong to another creative community on the web, deviantART. This is a unique forum for all things creative, although I feel I am the only analog person there! Feel free to view my other site, by clicking here. Captain out.

"Solid" Update for March 5th

Despite the discouragement of losing Utica Square, alternate happenstance has smiled favorably upon us. I spoke with Matthew at his new pad on Thursday night, I have developed a few new ideas and I have two new locations to scout!

Matthew has lived in a variety of transcendental domiciles. When I first began work with Matthew, I picked him up from a house just North of 15th, between Yale and Harvard; we were traveling to Muskogee to a film festival I no longer support. The next place was Curtis Andrew Beckwith's little "Cottage", a small house outside of his own. In an upstairs apartment of the same house, Matthew lived just recently...and now, he has moved into an upstairs garage apartment on North Denver.

I love Bohemian artists refuge dwellings. It always appear that it could be vacated at any moment, and the resulting residual artifacts would be an amazing archeological find of manifested self significance. It is here that Matthew, Holly and I spoke of things to come.

I updated Matthew on the successful scouting mission, and of the perpetually flowing groove of the script. "It is taking us to amazing places," I tell him, and I am pleased to find that he was totally into the first vignette after reading it. We discussed and viewed wardrobe; after viewing the selection at hand, I decided that I will purchase his wardrobe from various thrift stores, and that will give me the look I want for the character.

So I have new ideas on additional scenes for textural enhancement and so forth. There will definitely be many superimposed shots in this film. I will utilize two methods: the first is done in the camera with a changing bag, the other is Plattsburgh Photographic in Pennsylvania. Michael Baumgarten will completely rewind your Super 8 cartridge for $9.

I have a dilemma. I wanted to shoot at least a couple of scenes in the dead of Winter with dead grass. Since we did not have a Winter, the grass is already springing up! The scene for Mother is the most important; I wanted rolling hills with a cold landscape. I still have yet to find that location, but an idea was presented to me by one of Matthew's friends...Tall Grass Prairies! It resides slightly North of Osage Hills, the Park where Fae and I spent the weekend.

And today I go shopping for wardrobe, and I am going to scout a location for the current vignette in which I am currently writing, Memory.

News at Eleven.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Not so hip to be square!

As of yesterday, the property management office at Utica Square in Midtown Tulsa denied our request to shoot our final scene for "Solid".

I never get discouraged at things of this nature. We will simply find a replacement.

Roll the film...

...Captain out.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Budget for the new film...

I have calculated the expenses of our trip this past weekend. This marks the first purchases specifically for the film. I have estimated that $52.50 was spent on gas to and from our various destinations, as well as our much-needed coffee, and our lunch.

This brings up the question of, what is our budget? Well, I do not usually do budgets, but since this is a little more intense, I have decided to set a goal, so to speak. First of all, I expect this film to run an hour to an hour and a half. That is roughly twenty to thirty cartridges of film respectively. However, you never shoot an exact amount, so you buy more film than the actual run time. I will probably buy two to two and a half hours of film. That is nearly $600 alone, and that is for Kodachrome. Ektachrome is more expensive. This does not factor in the developing costs, the equipment needed for the shoot, or the props and costumes, if any. At this point, I am setting the budget at $1000 or under. I think this is easily obtainable, and I will, in the future, chronicle the methods I employ to make this happen.