Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"Solid" Revision

The formatting of the script text is now complete. It is now up to me and my script supervisor to begin the editing process. This begins on this day.

Monday, June 27, 2005

STAGE III Festival Update 6/27/05

I have already received over a half dozen films thus far. I have been creating flyers, promoting via e-mail, trying to coax the local press to actually acknowledge our existence, and I have been making new contacts.

This is our current status:

The awards have been reduced to only three categories - Best Auteur, Best Local Artist and Best Picture. The three judges will remain, although they have not been chosen as of yet. Neil Cluck has signed on board for the awards construction as one of our Featured Artists.

I have spoken with Jared Tyler about playing at the After Party. We are still in negotiations.

Josh Massad is composing and choreographing two or three musical numbers for the festival's introduction each night, and possibly a performance at the After Party. The Intro Performance will involve acoustic drums of all varieties, belly dance, interpretive dance and African dance.

As I have stated before, we have the entirety of both days at OSU-Tulsa. So much is possible! If the local press does their job, this festival will make a definite mark in this city.

A Poem Becomes a Movie

In the course of reviewing various poems in my collection yesterday, I selected one of my favorite poems, The City, My Mistress In Neon Silk Stockings, as a possible film! This poem chronicles the Urban Bohemian Wanderer as he converses with his Mistress, the City. This will more than likely be a short film, but anything is possible. I was slightly influenced by scenes from my own mind, and the Ridley Scott film, Bladerunner.

The Finished Script is in the Mail

I have printed, packaged and sent the finished script to Media Darlings, via Priority Mail. It was not necessary, yet I felt that it was the proper thing to do.

I will now reformat the document, and begin my editing.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

"Solid" is complete!

In an effort to send as much material as possible, I spent the better of the day finishing the last part of the script. As you may recall, I had introduced a few smaller sub-chapters into the fray. In the end, only two of those remain, Hall of Mirrors and The Theater. I chose to delete the chapter entitled The Waiting Room. The two that remained were finished during the week. My final obstacle was writing for the enigmatic character of Awakening, the last of the six Elements and the character I will portray during production. The challenge here is that I wanted to set this chapter apart from the others, and I chose to utilize phrases and themes from my poetry in the proliferation of the character's dialogue.

Somewhere in the evening, around eight o'clock, I typed the final words onto the screen. The results are this: 50 single-spaced pages and 386 camera angles. I am told that traditional scripts are double-spaced, thus providing a fairly accurate 1 page per 1 minute ratio. Since, I rarely do anything by the book, I am estimating the film to run approximately 100 minutes.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Solid" - Post-Production Decisions

During the course of writing the script and planning pre-production, I am finding my time limited more so than I would like. My plans include moving to the Pacific Northwest, selling and repairing my house, continuing the level of sanity achieved after my departure from the Gypsy, and now I am working on the next festival and other related events; this does not allow much time for filmwork. As I look at my script, the effects are minimal, still, they offer a challenge.

If this were a production where I could become more leisurely, I would do all of the effects in camera with filters and double-exposure.

This brings to a tangent on my revolutionary cinematic dream. Lucas created a new way of thinking for cinema and science fiction alike. At that time, it was a milestone; where are the milestones today? They are all in the digital realm, a place that I am not welcome. What is my milestone?

My milestone is my poetic writing style, my visual thinking and my love for the romantic notions of lost art. My love of nostalgia is not the humble longing for the past, it is a revitalization of a dying art, a nearly extinct skill. In my dream, my modest studio would incorporate the first Super 8 optical printer, animation stands, soundstages and sets established for Super 8 and its lighting requirements, and perhaps even motion control. The films would then be produced organically, maybe at a slower pace, but why the rush?

My recent decision has been difficult to me, because it has nothing to do with my dream. I have chosen to shoot only the images in the scene, without effects, without filters, and my editor will render them digitally in post-production. I believe this is a wise decision that will combine both ideals for the greater good. Furthermore, I will incorporate a digital post-production facility in my dream studio. The idea of shooting on film is still alive, and I am not against the digital world; it's just not my bag, Daddy-O!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blue November MicroFilmFest STAGE III

I spoke with the Events Staff at OSU-Tulsa today, and I have confirmed November 4th and 5th for the upcoming festival. They have blocked the entire day for each date, so we have more flexibility available to us than last year. Stay tuned for more updates!