Sunday, August 28, 2005

Looking for Clem

Monday night, at the Irish Times on Government, I was outside on the patio smoking my first Cuban. A couple from Chicago began to converse with Fae and I, and then I overheard a women speak of how absurd American media has become. I immediately turned and agreed with her, which resulted in a conversation with her nearby husband, Clem. Although she left, Clem and I began talking. He was as friendly and down to Earth as he was an interesting conversationalist. His father had been in both World Wars and the Korean War, and we discussed the absurdity of America and the involvement and contribution of those overlooked Canadians who accomplished great feats that Americans choose to ignore.

Then we spoke of Victoria. I feel I have found my home there, as Fae did so many years ago. We are researching and making our effort to leave this Mid-American shithole for something far greater. I spoke of this with Clem.

Clem then offered me his contact info, offering himself as a sponsor! I was immediately stricken with excitement. This was like gold! I, like the idiot I am, handed him my card instead. What!?!?! I may not have had a pen or whatever...I should have found one! I have not heard from him, and I absolutely desire nothing more than to live there. So, Clem, if you are listening...please contact me!!! I am here, I am interested in anything you have to say. My e-mail is, or my number is on the business card I gave you...I will pay for your long distance charges! I also enjoyed our conversation, so thank you.

The Irrelevant Minions

As I see the masses, tethered to the crutch of their cellular devices, it fascinates me how many people are constantly and simultaneously talking...and yet they are not actually saying anything.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Leaving, on a jet plane...

6:40pm today...

first plane flight - Tulsa to Dallas to Seattle


Pike's Place Market

the Ferry (not Bryan!)

see the ocean for the first time

leave the country - bound for Victoria, BC all equals adventure, relaxation of the mind and soul, creative endeavor - the flight of the Phoenix!

Wonderful things are about to happen...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Victoria Film

I have a new project to occupy my time until shooting begins on "Solid". On Wednesday, Fae and I are leaving for Victoria, BC, a place we plan on relocating to at some point, where I will shoot a new short film using the same Sankyo ES-44XL I used at the "Solid" film shoot. The story remains in my mind at this time, but it is complete.

Urban Tulsa

I discovered that, at long last, the Call for Entries was finally printed in this week's Urban Tulsa. I had given up after more than two months of submitting info, and now it has been written in Corey Cheney's movie article. The listing still does not appear in the Events section, but at least we are in there. Corey even stated that we are one of his favorite festivals!

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Heavy Veil

I’ve had that feeling again – overwhelmed at everything, frustrated, too…I have decided to take it easy and enjoy myself (a thought I rediscover every now and again).

I wonder…at the reasons why it is such an absurd struggle to gain recognition for the artists and filmmakers involved in the Festival. I am not doing this for myself; I am doing it for them. They deserve to have their art seen and respected. The people who share this festival with me are not doing this for themselves; they are doing it for the dream of the artist. I find it difficult, at times, to comprehend the obstacles that are knowingly placed in front of the truest hearts. I see the disappointment, the frustration in the eyes of my friends, my love…and myself.

My mind is a busy place and I am constantly trying for balance. I cannot remember the day of the week or five minutes ago, but I remember the adventure I conjured in my mind three years ago. A curse, perhaps…

Sometimes I just want to sleep…but I never ever get anything done when I sleep. I am tired all the time, because so much needs to be done!

I have grown to enjoy quietude and peace. Our apartment is a haven for serenity. I can think clearly again, and relax. I love to dream.

I have decided against the monthly film series. I believe I should, once again, place more emphasis on myself, and my love, and let someone else chase the dream for a while. I have the Festival to plan for and think about, and in regards to such, I am taking it easy there as well. I am tired of chasing media and exposure. If Tulsa wants to see a festival full of bullshit, then there are plenty to choose from; I will not be one of them.

I am so looking forward to this vacation. It will be difficult to come back…. back to nothing.

Small Press

I have been rejected five times, now, and I feel fine. I expected that actually, but I do find the same old frustration at the pretentious bastards that hold the pure and the creative under their collective thumbs. This country and the organizations that allege help to the arts are, in fact, just another obstacle, not any different than doubt and complacency. I find that the standards are very high, and limiting, at a publishing house, thus, the same is true for literary agents.

Since I refuse to conform and limit my vision to meet some archaic standard of literary death, I had an idea - small press! I do not want to waste my money and time on self-publishing or an organization that performs said service, so that leaves me with one other alternative.

I have now begun my research, and I am, as always, hopeful for the future. Down with convention!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I've been rejected three times by literary agents! Woo-hoo!


I saw a movie on IFC that ignited lost feeling and memories, moved my spiritual winds and saddened me at the loss of integrity in today’s film climate. This passionate film, I will own.

It is “Lost & Delirious”, a Canadian production (I so want to create and shoot film there!), starring Piper Perabo. I vaguely recognize the name Mischa Barton, who is also in the film, but I could not place her if I tried. The part that saddens me is the transformation that so many people, especially women, take on this misguided path to what many call 'success'. It is the American way: no integrity and all-for-money. Piper Perabo is a unique young brunette woman in this film, with a spiritual presence I have learned to both acknowledge and admire, and that is present in her character. Americans will not know her in this film, however, but they know her as the blonde object in “Coyote Ugly”. You now see my sadness.

The story was beautiful – a young woman consumed with the weight of an ill-fated love that would not die despite circumstance. I have had so many people in my past life, people who are not worth the ink or space in written text to even mention, that have told me that a love of this power and magnitude is wrong, or unhealthy. I have traveled many roads during that process, and I have acquired much knowledge, yet I cannot deny the beauty of a love that matters above life and death, a love that devours the soul. This film is a story of conviction, above all else, and that makes it beautiful.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Selling the words of “Solid”

I am trying my best to feed the completed script to as many lit agents as possible. My hope is to publish the script as is, before I adapt the script into a more detailed and fantastic storyline for the publication of a novella. My efforts are steadily increasing, as I perform more and more research on various publishers and agents.

Ten copies of the script will be ready on Tuesday. They will be bound in black comb binding with dark blue vinyl covers, front and back. I may be planning an informal script party sometime after the 24th.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tony and Julianne

The Wedding of Tony Romanello to Julianne Mayo took place today at 2:30. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the ceremony, but we did make our entrance at the Southern Hills Hilton to greet the couple at their Reception. It was good to see Tony and Andy. Julianne seems delightful, and I also enjoyed seeing Tony’s parents again. I wish them both the very best.

Fae and Jes at Shades of Brown

Fae’s gig was finally here! Although she had lost her drummer, she found a new musical partner with the very talented Jes Lenee of Autumn Shade. We arrived at the coffeehouse slightly after Eight. Our gear was unpacked and I began setting up: boom mic (the same one I used at the Gypsy for “Vampire Wedding”), Fae’s music stand and triple guitar stand, stool, gig bags and mic stand and cables from the venue. I tweaked the sound, one mic for guitar and one for vocals, and I would continue to tweak the mix throughout the performance.

Fae and Jes played through the first set, followed by a set of Jes’ new material. After a brief pause, they both returned to play the remaining set. The audience was not huge, yet there were many, including those who were seated and listening that noticed the beautiful song of Fae’s voice. Jes was no exception, and the duo raked in $30 in tips and sold a couple of CDs.

The gig came to a close and the gear was packed and put away. I will be calling again on Monday to set up the next performance.

In relative news, Jes is working on new material. You can check out the latest at the Autumn Shade website.

Fae has been promoting her Victoria BC band, Syren, on Download.Com. Syren is Melody Benbow and Fae Wiedenhoeft, and their music is a beautiful blend of traditional Celtic and Folk and they are currently Number 3 in the World category at Download.Com, and you also visit the Syren website.

Stay tuned for more on upcoming shows.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Solid - The Chapters

The next step for the script, now that it is finished, is to make all of the appropriate copies for all necessary participants. I have also chosen to do something else: I have separated each Chapter into its own file. This will allow me to focus on the elements of that particular segment of the storyline. The actors, who may only be in one Chapter, will hopefully benefit from this as well.

The Chapters are as follows:







Hall of Mirrors


The Theater

Footsteps in the Grand Tapestry of the Eternal

There are ten in all. I have spoken with members of the cast, and rehearsal will begin sometime after August 24th, and shooting will begin at an undetermined date in the Fall.