Friday, September 30, 2005

OMM - September 29th

I attended the meeting again, and I spoke with several people about the Fest and their contribution. After some thought, I had to decline a former offer to play local rap in the Festival Lobby; it would not "fit" with the surroundings, and the gentleman understood. I am speaking with this other cat about his artwork, and I am contemplating him as a storyboard artist. I will meet with him soon.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Meeting with Bret and Derick

The meeting was excellent. It is not easy to explain the details of a film festival and its intricacies in the span of two hours, but such was achieved and the groundwork has been laid for the upcoming weeks. After the Fest, I will basically write out an outline and list my contacts in what will become the Bible for Bret's venture alone next year. In the interim, Bret will receive the films I have selected by next Friday. This is the point where all films will be digitized onto his computer, audio and video will be tweaked and streamlined, and three DVD's will be produced.

Derick made it out to see us, and I gave copies of the completed script for Solid to both of them. At present time, I have given scripts to Matthew, Corey, Fae, Adam of Congress of a Crow, Bret and Derick.

In interest of the Festival, I asked Derick to display some of his artwork at the event, to which he accepted.

We parted ways, and I walked away, pleased, at the forward motion of these proceedings.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two Short Films from the Captain?

I have two films that are being considered for post-production, to be completed for exhibition at the Festival. The first choice is Colorswitch, my first Impressionist Film. The other is a film I shot in ' earliest work!

Tonight's Meeting - Starbuck's Coffee

This will give you some idea of how I operate.

Yesterday, I called Rebecca Faerstein to acquire another copy of Capoeira Barauna, her late entry from last year. It is one of four DVD's I have that have problems. The film depicts the spiritual exercise of the same name that combines martial arts, gymnastics and dance. Rebecca submitted Transit the year before.

I met with Neil Cluck and gave him $30 for materials. Neil is going to create our Awards again this year, though he is only making four. I decided to downsize this year, and focus on the crucial points of interest. There will be Awards for Best Local Artist, Best Auteur, Best Picture - Short Film and Best Picture - Feature Film.

I have roughly thirty-seven films at this point, and I have seen nearly all of them.

And now, on to tonight!

I have been fighting a cold, and Fae has been doing the same. As a result, I missed out on a meeting last week with Bret. Bret has a tremendous task before him! So, I scheduled to meet with him at Starbuck's on 71st Street tonight at 7pm. This also allows the chance for him to receive his copy of the script, which will be his guide for both the character he portrays and hi editing duties in post-production. I took this opportunity to invite Mr. Derick Snow, and that way, he could receive his script as well. A merry time will be had by all!

I contacted a film and video director at the Living Arts Space, and she was also invited. She is attempting to acquire film for the Fest, and she is submitting her own.

So, that is that....working two to three angles simultaneously, always! I am working on various ideas for the film shoot and I am still struggling, trying to nail down an After Party venue.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stage III Update

The Blue November MicroFilmFest is a little more than a month away. I am proud to say that we are not exploiting models to promote a swimsuit line, and we are not having a T&A exhibition of the same at the film festival, unlike my contemporaries. How does this pertain to film? Oh, it involves the blind, unquestioned utilization of talent and modeling agencies in the "industry", and their further advancement of female exploitation. Now I remember! I'm glad to say that we are currently in negotiations with various women's film organizations, trying to promote their efforts and the efforts of female directors everywhere. I can actually say that I am able to wake up and look at myself in the morning.

The screening process began this week, although we are still receiving films and will receive films for another two weeks. I am making the list and planning the program.

I will meet with Bret soon to discuss his role and the overall process. We are negotiating with another venue for the After Party, and I am taking a serious look at the musical line-up.

My focus is to have the specifics nailed down in order for Fae to have proper time for creating the poster and the program. I also need to have the films ready for Bret, since he is capturing all the films and burning one or two DVD's for the presentation.

Time is ticking...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finding a Music Venue

So I called this guy in regards to the After Party venue for the Festival. I was expecting a professional individual, but then again, my expectations are usually higher than the person's ability to deliver them. This was no exception.

I have to remind everyone that Tulsa is a joke, as is Oklahoma. The reason is that no one believes in a greater cause; they only believe in their personal interests. That is one of the many reasons why Tulsa is left in the dark, and other cities flourish and thrive. It is hard to see this when you're self-absorbed.

So I called this guy that owns a building that once housed a cinema, and that currently holds both a diner and sushi restaurant. I know that bands have played in the vacant space where the cinema use to be, and I thought that would be perfect. So, I called.

I was very patient with his time, and repeated my efforts to contact him at more convenient times. I always try to show respect, and I think I did just that. So, when I finally called and spoke with him, his less-than-personable demeanor was very annoying, but not as much as his attitude. I spoke of the fact that Rebecca Ungermann was one of our performers, to which he replied, "well, as long as we have someone like Rebecca Ungermann, then I think we can make it worth our while"...that is when I began searching for someone else.

I have options at Mercury Lounge, The Venue and I believe that Venue 216 has a new owner, which means I would not have to work with the half-wits from last year!

If you can not tell, it is very frustrating, at times, to promote a festival.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Congress of a Crow

VASTU, in true Phoenix style, has risen from the ashes and formed anew as Congress of a Crow. A new drummer, a new singer and now in need of a bass player, the new band has already made their debut with three gigs that I know of, and this Saturday night, the 24th, they will be playing the Route 66 Diner near 2nd and Detroit, home of the Blue Dome Arts District. Dates at Boston's and the Venue will soon follow. I'll try my best to keep you posted!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Super 8 Transfer

I have a new resource for Super 8 transfer, Movie Stuff. They use a CCD chip transfer using a device called the Sniper! The rate is $20 per reel.

Eric Stanze referred to the Post House, a professional Rank transfer facility.

I will compare these two soon enough.

Bret is Back

Bret has returned from Burning Man, and we will soon be in sessions for the upcoming Festival! I have to bring him up to speed and chart a course from which he can learn the ropes. I am thinking that the Festival should remain, despite lack of support from the community. I think Bret will agree.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Fae's Gig

We were excited by another chance performance for Fae's wonderful music. She has dedicated so much time to strengthening her songcraft, developing new styles and songs, and even reviving a few from yesteryear. I have watched her immerse herself into her music over the past few months, and I am very proud.

The first gig was staged and performed at a coffeehouse on Brookside. The owner, herself, was on hand, and the evening was very successful. Fae's performance was amazing!

Last night was poised to be another night of music and friends, and it was well received by those who were in attendance. Despite the support of family and friends, this will be her last show at this venue; I will not schedule her there again.

There are nice people in Tulsa. There are outstanding people in Tulsa. However, the majority are either rude and inconsiderate, or otherwise totally oblivious to the fact, if not a combination of all three. The people came in, blocked the aisle, talked over everything without a simple recognition to the young talent in the corner. Why do people do this?

I will say this, in defense of those patrons of this establishment on that noise-filled night, it was not their behavior that offered the greatest insult. In fact, the most noise and disruption came from the staff, including the very same person who booked the gig! Her friends came to visit, and all of them laughing to such a degree that the rude middle-aged crowd paled in comparison. The other thing, was that the staff felt the need to slam doors and cabinets so loud that we could feel them! This was not necessary and was not done at the first gig.

I refused to pay money for anything that evening, and I made sure that Fae did not pay for her drink. I have higher standards than this, especially for Fae, and I do not feel this is unreasonable. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am fair and forgiving, but I will not support this establishment again. Fae deserves better, and I will not insult her art by scheduling her there again.

So, if you are ever on Brookside, go somewhere else for coffee!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fall Shoot for Solid - Supplemental

The actual shoot will begin, as I said, in the Autumn and colorful days of October or November. The first shoot will be in Hydro, Oklahoma at Lucille's, a historic location on Route 66. This destination is two and half hours away, so everything must be 100%. Only the two actors, myself and a small crew of one, maybe two or three people will be on location. It will be shot in one day, and plenty of footage will be taken. My goal here is to avoid a return visit.

Amidst this shoot, I am planning my black background scenes. I have the option to shoot during the evening at the first of Thanksgiving week, which means I will be asleep before I even have the chance to eat any turkey.

My planned equipment for the Hydro shoot will be a Focal Super 8mm camera, Cokin Type 20 Blue Filter, tripod, bounce boards and I am unsure, at this point, if I will record live sound.

OMM - September 15th

I returned to the Group Meeting, thinking I wouldn't have much to say or gain, but I discovered even more interest, more people and more opportunities to give and receive information. I will attend again, when I can, in the future. I received a second entry from the Group. I will make additional postings on future meetings.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fall Shoot for Solid

The storyboards are in full swing! I am currently assessing the dynamics of the Hydro location, carefully balancing elements of the script with the reality of the surrounding area near Lucille's. I am working, strictly, on the Chapter of Awareness.

The shoot date is set for late October, early November. No actual "day" has been set, but that is the area of time where it will happen.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


In the continuing struggle to find press and support for the Festival, I have encountered another trouble area, Microcinemascene. Ordinarily, this place does well with its support, but I found my patience, of which I have plenty, tested to the point that I began a quite understandable repetition of e-mails to gain attention to the Call-For-Entries; it does not work if people do not know about it! So, I began...and this is what I received in return:


Please arrest the shocking amount of email you've been sending us to
your event. We've been inundated with recent news for a number of
moviemakers and will post your announcement as soon as possible.

That was July 26th. Still, we have not been posted. The "alleged" news that was creating such a bottleneck must not have been as bad as it was originally thought to be, since days and days would go by before anything else was posted to the site. I did as I was asked...until today, the day before the Deadline...and I wrote, "nevermind"...and we are done.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fae's Birthday in Claremore

What?!?! Yes, ladies and gentleman, we spent the afternoon in Claremore. After watching the extended version of Gladiator until 3am, we awoke 'round 11 to our breakfast of scones (made by me!) and clotted cream and raspberry preserves. Fae opened her gift of one America CD and her chapbook I made for her. At 2pm we left for Claremore...we drove around and through the streets. Fae always wanted to see where I came from...where I lived, so here we are! We found a wonderful pottery shop that we will visit in the near future. I drove all around Claremore before we snuck into the Will Rogers Musuem! Then we had a delightful dinner at Hammet House. We left for home, only to leave again for Caz's. Corey, Jessica and Eric and Corey's friend Shawn were there, and so was Jesse. The music was bitchin' and the Sing Ha was the best! Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Fae at Shades of Brown

Fae's next gig is September 16th at 9pm!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oklahoma Movie Makers Meeting

I had never attended this meeting before. I belong to the group, but I never attended. I approached them about entering their film into the Festival, and I decided to venture into their turf.

The meetings are now held at the Circle Cinema. I arrived early, and immediately found the vibe. The people began to flow in. It was very organized, and well maintained; I could not have done that. They ran through the business of the day, and then the attention was turned toward me. I was allowed my speech and people listened. I received many contacts from this meeting, both for the Festival and for Solid. Despite their involvement with those Bones people, I understand that they are trying to work in an environment that I have left behind, for reasons of ethics, professionalism and vision. They will find their own way.

All in all...good people. I enjoyed it enough to make a return trip or two. I now have the potential for more artists to participate in the Festival, I have more opportunity to gain exposure and I have more chances for obtaining film entries. I also have more options for actors and actresses, as well as two possible sets for the feature film.

Captain out.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

World of Tulsa

I am fighting for something here...I am fighting for the art in an art-less land. It is frustrating enough to live in a place and time where people are self-absorbed and indifferent, if not all out belligerent, but to fight your way up...fighting for a cause, fighting for becomes a "slight" irritation! So I write this e-mail to my press contacts. Please NOTE, that I do NOT make any reference to anyone by organization or by name. I am ethical, even in my impulsive rebelliousness! Here is what I wrote:

So I have made every effort to contact people in
regards to the Festival. I only have FEW local films
and I have spoken with so many people that are
spreading the word for me, and I thank them. However,
this is an amazing thing that is happening; not only
is it FREE to attend, it is FREE to enter your film!
You think that everyone would jump on this
opportunity...I know I would! That is one of the many
reasons I created the Fest. This is a rare thing in
OK, and even in the US. I have extended the Deadline
until the 23rd, postmarked, and I may have some
packages coming in the next few days, but here is the
[pathetic] situation and the frustration that follows:

I have spoken in person with people in the community
about their own personal films or contributions...this
has expanded to local businesses - I have heard

it has taken an act of God to get any press...I have
not heard from anyone who wants an article for the
news regarding deadline, and I can only hope this
changes festival time

it took repeated and ridiculous efforts to gain
attention from the press...I try to understand both
sides and consider that someone at a newspaper or
television station might be "busy", however, I do
notice that immediate attention is given to the
typical mundane stories and those with a
paycheck...this has been noticed by others as have to remember that I am NOT doing this
for myself...there are amazing artists here that are
being overlooked...if the Overground can receive a
"proper" news article (with regurgitated text from
last year's article) for showing films that are
nothing more than pre-existing material with new audio
overdubs, kids screwing around with camcorders and hot
dogs being flushed down toilets, then I think the
filmmakers that have taken the time to submit their
films to Tulsa, films such as the documentary I
received from a South African on the viewpoint of
South Africans pre and post Apartheid, I think they
deserve better support from the community where the
Fest is being held - bottomline: if you say you
support the community, DO IT!

interviews were scarce last year: none from radio,
lackluster attempts in SOME areas, and only one
television interview at 5am...I can't go around
knocking on every door in Tulsa, even if I wanted to.

This isn't a huge festival, but it definitely isn't
small. We support many of the artists that Tulsa
never sees, but should! Tulsa seems to lack the
concept of art. Our "local" music scene is composed
of too many cover bands, and the original bands tend
to sound like the radio so they're not any different
than a cover band. Yet, there are many underground
artists that write and perform music that borders on
magical...and they don't play at Casinos or night
spots. The artists are very talented here as well,
although the well-known are rather pretentious and
exhibit only in pretentious circumstances at
unapproachable galleries that try to "define" art,
which is indefinable...and I have yet to meet anyone
that is qualified to determine what art "is" or
"isn't". There are so many possibilities that are
overlooked here, and I try to support the true artists
of our city...even Tulsa's beloved Mayfest turns its
back on Tulsa artists, unless something has changed.

So, you tell me...what is supposed to happen here?
This can be huge and profound given the right support,
which is exactly what is NOT being received. I have
spoken to too many people who say "oh, that sounds
cool! I'd love to submit", and yet they never do.
What's the excuse? It is FREE! It is a great space,
projected professionally and competently...if you
submitted anywhere else, it would cost $25-50 or more
to submit your film, and possibly be rejected with no
refund. You can expect the same for admission. I
have to find all of this stuff (venue, volunteers,
musicians,etc.) for free or pay for it out of my
pocket. How many "film" or "festival" organizations
in OK will do that? I work 40-50 hours a week like
everyone else, and I have been dedicated to this for
three years now. Everyone else will have a dozen
different ways to take your money, and I fail to see
where their efforts are better. In fact, I choose not
to associate with many of them for their lack of
professionalism, ethics or conduct.

I have spoken with some of you, recently in fact, and
I thank you. Others, mainly in radio and television,
I have not heard anything. Maybe something has been
done, and I am not seeing it. I feel that my
impression is correct, however, and we are virtually
being ignored. The sad thing is, many of Tulsa's
artists and musicians are having their city turn their
back on them.


Captain Chambers

If I read this, I would try to understand the situation, whether I was pissed or not! And the other thing is, I wrote this e-mail fighting for other people. It wasn't written about "my film fest"! I never received acknowledgement of my 30 second responses, "we received your e-mail, will be in touch soon!"...never happened. However, it appears that there was PLENTY of time to raise the flag of martyrdom, and write this:

Captain Chambers:
My editor and I are in receipt of your latest email.
Neither of us is very charmed by it.

She tells me we have been carrying your call for entries for the past several weeks. I had planned to do a feature story on the festival as the time grew closer, just as I have for the past two years. In fact, I have been the champion of your festival here at the paper.

To suggest, as you did, that we're busy doing " typical mundane
stories" and, especially, "those with a paycheck," is disingenuous at best and
deeply insulting at worst. You seem to be suggesting, among other
things, we sometimes do stories because people pay us to do them. That is
just about the worst thing you can say to a journalist.

We do stories because we feel that they'll interest the public, they
interest us, or that they need to be told. At any given moment, any of us
worth anything is juggling at least a dozen potential articles, trying
to figure out when the best time is to do them to provide maximum
exposure to the readers, for the benefit of the people we're writing about
and their projects. Yes, we are "busy," sometimes with scores of
potential pieces about people who feel just as deeply and as passionately
about self-expression and the arts as you do. We understand that the
festival is the most important thing to you. We have, at any given time, a
dozen or two Most Important Things in people's lives that we're trying
to give proper representation in the paper.
You have every right to think we concentrate on the mundane, or that
the Tulsa music scene is composed of too many cover bands, or original
bands that sound like cover bands, but it's more than plausible that
those musicians have their own artistic agendas, their own dreams, their
own frustrations, their own artistic aspirations, and to tar them all
with that same brush does a disservice to the very spark you're trying
to fan in this town.

I understand that you're an artist, and you have a need to express
yourself. I respect that. But you did yourself no favors with this email.

Someone who no longer matters.

I look forward to leaving this city behind...