Monday, October 31, 2005

Number Three

Cathy Woods was unable to attend Sunday's screening. Since she works with Fae, the DVD's and ballots will be delivered in person for her individual viewing.

Two Judges

Jodain Massad and Charles Elmore arrived yesterday to screen the films of Saturday evening, the 5th of November. I enjoyed the conversation and the experience with them both. They are amazing gents! We ate cheese and chocolate-covered espresso beans while drinking coffee and watching the aforementioned films. A few glitches were encountered, and so I notified Bret. This did not inhibit the judging process, and the night came to an end, a success.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pre-Screening: Part Two

I was informed today, that one of our Judges will be unable to make this Sunday's screening. We will push forward with the two remaining Judges, and the third will screen at a later, or earlier time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pre-Screening: Part One

All three Judges were called this evening, and e-mails were sent during the day. The time will be 5:00pm on Sunday, October 30th.


Still no phone call...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Searching for Matthew

The Fest is steadily approaching, as are the Holidays, Birthdays, financial planning, work...and I have decided to shoot an entire feature film!

With that said, I am making preparations for rehearsals, a reshoot and studio time. I have hard decisions to consider, and I have to make all this happen, NOW! So I go out in search of Matthew...

This could be a movie in itself! Matthew is a hippy-poet vagabond, with no car and no phone. He lives in Downtown Tulsa above someone's garage. Last I heard, he was working for a catering service for pharmaceutical companies.

I went his home Friday night. The lights were out, so walked back to the street, to my van, and I wrote him a note. I taped two quarters to the note so he could call me from a pay phone. I left. My plan is for a rehearsal this coming Wednesday; it is now Sunday. No phone call.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Filmmakers: Q & A

The Blue November MicroFilmFest STAGE III begins at 7pm on Friday, November 4th, ending at 10pm. Films will begin again the following day at 12pm until 5pm, and at 7pm until 10pm.

The afternoon films will conclude at 5pm on Saturday, November 5th. People and members of the Press are invited to stay and discuss the previously viewed films with those filmmakers in attendance. Todd Roberts, Devon Brewster and many other Oklahoma filmmakers will be on hand, alongside Gregory Pitts of Weston, Florida and Lindokuhle Mnyandu of West New York, New Jersey. They are here to see their film presented to an audience, and to discuss their work. Let's make them feel welcome!

Filmmakers in Attendance

Aside from members of the OMM Group (Oklahoma Movie Makers), Todd Roberts of Sand Springs will be in attendance. Craig Mullins and Bret Mix will be there to support their exhibition piece, Read Me A Story. Bill Cornelius will round out the OK filmmakers.

We are pleased to welcome two directors from beyond the State of Oklahoma. Gregory Pitts of Weston, Florida will be visiting to support his film, Eight-Thirty.

A very special documentary, Bridging the Gap, will be accompanied by its director, Lindokuhle Mnyandu of West New York, NJ.

All filmmakers will be available for questions from the public.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Due to a deadline involving someone's departure, Fae performed her magic, finishing the poster and the programs in record time. We have a unique source that allows for free copies, and it is one of the many d.i.y. methods put to use during the course of Festival preparation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OMM, Janessa, Bret and Brian Parton at 818

I was on my way to meet Bret at the OMM Meeting. Upon arriving, an event was taking place that forced us into an obscure room on the other side of the main theater construction. We ran through the meeting as usual. Bill "Turtle" Cornelius was there, and I met him for the first time. The meeting ended, and we crashed the party in the main area.

I saw Jason Ashley Wright, from the Tulsa World. I gave him a flyer! We scored on some free food, and we were able to sit and mingle a bit. I had coordinated a meeting with Jay Botello from the Group, so we could look over his artwork for the Fest. I also asked Janessa Bookout, another potential artist, to meet me there. She was there at 8:00, and Bret and I looked over her portfolio. I accepted her to the Fest and she left with a planned presentation in mind for her exhibit.

Bret and I sat down with Turtle and we discussed a few elements of the upcoming shoot. Bill has a mind on set design, and Bret presented some ideas for green screen (chroma key) for the Hall of Mirrors Chapter.

I had planned to see Brian Parton play at 818, but the time flew and I decided that I needed to be at home. I will try to see him at the Par-T Lounge next Friday.

News Coverage - The Captain Invades the Televised Airwaves...again!

I will be a guest on KTUL's Good Day Tulsa, November 3rd at 9am. Film clips and photo stills will be shown during the interview. Tune in to Channel 8!

Flyer Distribution

The Oz Outlet on 15th, a recognizable face in the city of Tulsa, is one of our sponsors this year. They are distributing flyers in every customer's bag at all three locations!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Festival Update - October 18th

The poster is complete! A promotional flyer has also been completed, leaving only the program.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sad Day for Me

I breathe in Super 8 film, if a filmmaker could define his breath. I have adored and supported this medium for years, shot footage in '93, then rediscovered, I chose this format for what is my first, as yet unfinished film, This Way and That, shot in early 2002. I then shot two shorts on video, and even more footage on Super 8. Earlier this year, I shot Colorswitch, the first of a series of Impressionist Films. I love this medium, not just for the look and the "feel", but for the skill and the trade, as well as the experience.

Sadly, while others do not understand the pain of such a decision, I have chosen to shoot Solid digitally. This was to be my first feature...shot on Super 8.

The Judge Selection

The Judges have been selected! They are:

Jodain Massad
Charles "Chaz" Elmore
Cathy Woods

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Festival: Screening Schedule

The Festival Screening Schedule is now online at the Blue November Website.

Choosing Judges

I have chosen two Judges thus far, and I plan on having the third chosen by week's end.

There is great difficulty in choosing a Judge. In order to retain the integrity of this Festival, I can not have any influence on the judging of the films. At the same time, I do not want a trio of people that will tear down a film before it has a chance; I want someone who can get lost in the magic of film! No critics! Critics do not make movies. I need three unique individuals to form the Panel.

I have spoken with several people, and I still have a few more. The decision will be posted soon!

The Films of the Blue November MicroFilmFest

Last night, I met with Bret, and along with Fae, we discussed the Festival at length. As of October 11th, Bret is in possession of all films that will be rendered to DVD screeners for the Festival presentation.

Fae has created the new cover art for this year's Fest, which will serve as our flyer for the sidewalks and telephone poles of Tulsa, whereas the actual poster, currently in the design stage, will be reserved for storefronts and bulletin boards. The new logo used on the flyer will also be the new cover for the Festival program.

Considering the fact that an average single-layer DVD will hold two hours, it appears that we will have seven DVD's for the entire program.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kodachrome Footage

The footage for the first short film, shot with Derick at the Tulsa State Fair, has been sent for developing.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Two Films in One Day: Tulsa State Fair Shoot

I lost contact with Derick and Jes on Saturday. And, yes, I said 'Jes'! She returned on Friday, it appears. I tried to call them on the cellphone, and their battery went dead.

Bret, with whom I spoke earlier that day, reminded me of another short idea I had long ago. I had originally planned to shoot this footage back in 2002, on a trip to Eureka Springs with my parents. It has a simple plot: a journeyman (or woman) is searching for their next direction. After obligatory soul searching, they surrender their choice to chance by spinning a bottle. A puzzled look is seen on the main character as he studies the result, and they walk off on a definite course. We tilt down to see that the bottle is, in fact, pointed the opposite direction, thus keeping to both my personal and cinematic views on rebellion. Bret's reminder offered a chance to at least shoot something.

I left a message for Derick, and I was hoping to hear from him. Bret would be there with his step-daughter, Miranda. I, running on low energy levels, began to pack my gear: two cameras - my Chinon and my Sankyo with manual aperture, four cartridges of Kodachrome and four cartridges of Ektachrome, my Cokin filter system with the adapter ring [for my Sankyo] and my blue filter, lens cleaner and tissue, a Romeo y Julietta RESERVA REAL figurado cigar from Fogue & Bates, an empty beer bottle and my enthusiasm. I dressed the part of a "carnie", using a bit of creative license: I wore my old pair of Levis with extremely ripped holes in the knees, a GTO t-shirt, a greenish flannel button-up, my grungy work boots and a pair of Rayban rip-offs that are clear with a slight hint of blue tint. I did not wash my hair and I let it down.

I did receive a phone call from Derick. He had heard my message and he was excited to see us, and to be a part of the film.

We left in the afternoon and made a few errands. Afterwards, we arrived at the mayhem of the Fair's last day. We were able to save the money I had set aside for admission. It seems that Derick and Jes were going anyway, so I did not have to pay for their entry. Bret was going as well, saving me another admission, and he purchased wrist bands leaving him with two extra tickets! Fae and I got in for free.

Bret was with his step-daughter, Miranda. She was the typical energetic and restless child, and she was very patient and supportive. I appreciate her. Both Bret and Miranda were easy to work with.

I had quite the task ahead of me. We waited for Derick and Jes at the rendezvous point, while Bret and Miranda took off toward the petting zoo. I planned on shooting two short films. I was trying my best, as usual, to be sensitive to everyone around me and still get the job done. I have to make sacrifices and take the time necessary to achieve a goal. If you go into something, and only get halfway or three-quarters of the way there, what's the point? So, I was able to maneuver time and people around to hopefully accommodate everyone.

Bret and Miranda left for rides and ice cream. Fae and Jes tried to catch up. I stole Derick and we began shooting footage of the first short film, of the bottle-spinning sojourner. I was very pleased with the shots and the ease of working with Derick. It is nice for a director to be able to direct with minimal effort, if at all. Derick is wonderful to work with, because he is at peace with the circumstance of shooting a scene. He needs little direction; he is already in the moment.

The shots were amazing. Some of them might not translate in the end, but I was able to achieve some interesting shots, including two perspectives of Derick sitting in front of an SUV. I love the image of that! We might have to shoot the bottle spinning scenes at a later time, since I lost the light I was hoping for, and the bottle was on an incline and kept rolling.

As we returned to the meeting place, we met up with Bret and began filming the opening scene of "Chasing a Rainbow". I switched to Ektachrome at this point, after shooting only two Kodachrome cartridges for the first short. The lighting might be a problem; I had minimal sunlight, and the artificial lights had not reached their full intensity. I opened the shutter wide and pushed onward.

We had two "walk-thru" rehearsals. There isn't any written dialogue, just cues from your humble director! We committed three takes to film, and a few close-ups of both Derick and Bret. At this point, two cartridges were exposed, and I was left with only two more.

Bret took Miranda for one more ride before taking her home. The rest of us took a break, found food, and walked around a bit. I had an idea of what I wanted for the scene between myself and Derick, so we walked alongside the Northern face of the Expo Building, heading West. At this point, it is 9:00, and we are all tired. So I try my best to hurry things and finish the footage I need. Derick and I take to the wall of the Expo, and begin to shoot; Fae is on camera. It is not the original place I intended to shoot, but I made a choice for better lighting. As Derick and I began, I totally screwed up my lines! Actually, I didn't really have lines, but nonetheless, Derick and I made everything up and we will address the issue in post. The dialogue is not really important at this stage anyway. It is silent film, and we can dub the voices in later. Derick and Jes made their leave, and Fae and I waited for Bret's return.

It was beyond 10pm when Bret arrived. I quickly took to the camera and squatted down to frame up Bret against the backdrop of the giant Ferris wheel. I directed him through the scene, and then we gave our farewells. Fae and I stole one ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl before retiring toward home.

A side note: several shots were taken of various background elements, which will be used for fillers, or transitions.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Storyboards - Supplemental

I will have to meet with Jay in person to deliver the materials for his project. It appears his only access to the internet is a cell phone.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Storyboards - Solid

I have submitted a project to a gentleman I met at the OMM Meeting, Jay Botello. I sent a Word Document containing Awareness, the second Chapter of my latest script. I also included location pictures for reference. I have a time table of Month's end.

I am finalizing details of the Fest, and now I can turn my attention back to Solid. I am sketching my own storyboards, and we are still waiting on incoming funds before the actual shoot can commence.

I am working on ideas for a fundraiser.

Captain out.

Starbucks Meeting

I raced home again, and prepared myself for another film related meeting. This time, I would meet Bret at the same location to hand over the films he will combine into DVD's for the Festival screening. We were to meet with two possible Judges, as well.

Just as I am walking out the door, Bret calls me. He is unable to make it due to a family emergency.

I meet with Robin Cravens of the local improv group Super Ovum, and Charles Elmore, a local filmmaker. The meeting is successful, and I acquire the information needed to make my decision after I meet with a few more hopefuls. Devon Brewster even made an appearance to drop off the entry form for his submission and to pick up the DVD we were not able to enter into the Fest.

I returned home to watch bad hairmetal videos with my beloved tea drinking partner, and I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation until 3am.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What happened?

Work is a waste of my time, however, the society imposed upon us, in this American excess parade, leaves us with little or no choice in regards to work and how we live.

I immediately felt the unnecessary tension in the air this morning, so I escaped to one corner or the other whenever possible. I was returning from Building Two, walking the pavement between buildings, when I stopped and looked up at the parting of the overcast gray. The blue was so rich and alive against the drab surroundings, and its intensity added texture and vibrance to the leading edge of the parting cloud surface. It hit me at that moment; I have gazed at this sky so many time, especially at work, but today it hit me I said to myself, "I am a dreamer. What am I doing here?" I reluctantly continued inside.

Thi$ i$ your America! Everything i$ dollar$ and cent$, exce$$ and money!

I felt like a shackled and chained bird, in a room with a window. I could see other birds, outside, but I was stopped short of the window by my chain.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Autumn Kissed

I love this time of year, and I live there, in Autumn Time. The temperature changed overnight, and the air finally has that kiss of home, where my heart and mind and soul reside.

I attend the Fair tonight with my beloved and my Dad. I get to wear my "Binky"! Explanation? It is my beloved beige polyester Lee sport coat. I need to go shopping at the retro stores again. I miss that!

I am driving home and listening to my mp3 player. Funny how something simple like that can make you happy. It has enabled me to listen to music again, and be excited about it. I am listening to October Rust, which was released in October several years ago, and it remains one of my favorite albums of all time...and it represents Autumn so well.

Many stories to tell...

Currently listening to: October Rust by Type O Negative
Mood: Inspired, and dreaming

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Todd Roberts

I met with Todd Roberts today, on his return to Oklahoma. He spent three weeks in New Orleans documenting damage in one of the historic hotels of the French Quarter. I met him at Tally's to acquire a new copy of his film submission, Guilt Complex. Todd is one of only two participants with feature films this year, and he will be available for questions at the Festival.

Todd challenged my decision to enter his film. He is not as proud of this film, and he questioned my intent to "enter the film" to simply fill space. As I explained, that is not the way I operate. The Festival is more important to me than that, and I see this lack of professionalism and respect toward the filmmakers in some of the surrounding film festivals here. I choose to elevate myself above that.

Guilt Complex is not the greatest film out there. The acting is not the best and there are sketchy audio issues. The film does have good production quality; the lighting, editing and pacing of the film is well done. The other thing that makes this film relevant, aside from the local aspect, is that it was shot for under three hundred dollars! That is a testament, in itself, to independent filmmaking. As with every other film out there, I believe the audience should decide. Even the worst film has its own audience.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nightingale, and the further developments of Solid

I have several options for my "black background scenes" in the production of Solid. I like the configuration at the Nightingale Theater, and I have been discussing this with them for some time. Currently, I have been told that November 20th and December 18th are available, although, at this time, I still do not know for how long. Both days are Sundays, and the following evenings are also available.

Corey is requesting these days off, and Matthew does not work Sundays.

My goal is to shoot additional footage for a couple of short film projects, while we have the space. I have been collecting headshots and resumes from the OMM Group.

Tulsa State Fair: A Film Realized

I have always loved the Fair, the food, the smells, the sound and, of course - the visual! Naturally, this led to a desire to shoot a film project at the Fair. I may have that chance.

The logistical problems are plentiful. Not only do you have logos everywhere that must be exempt from any scene, you have the added obstacle of hundreds of faces, all without consent forms! The solution? Aside from clever and careful shots, my intention is to shoot the subject close-up or stationed in the foreground , and blur the background. Although the goal is obvious, if a failure occurs and we have unwanted images, we have the digital post-production option (Thanx, Bret!). It will be an experiment, so stay tuned!

The script is a loosely written text titled "Chasing a Rainbow". It will involve three characters played by Derick Snow, Bret Mix and myself. Only two characters will be on-screen at any moment, so Bret will also operate the camera. It will be natural and existing light, no bounce boards and sound will be dubbed later. A soundtrack might be produced for background fills.

At the present time, we are looking at either Saturday or Sunday. This will be my second time to attend, and my last for quite some time.

Stage III - Latest News

Tonight and tomorrow are strict movie watching nights. I have to have the remainder of films screened and chosen before I can devise the schedule, which has to be complete before I meet with Bret on Friday. At that point, he will be handed all chosen films, and he will create three DVD's.

Thursday is a night off, as Fae and I meet with my Dad and journey to the Fair. This will be the first night for me this year.

I have chose one Judge thus far, Jodain Massad, Josh Massad's brother. Jodain is a former student of NYU's Film School. Jodain has referred another gentleman, Charles Elmore, for my consideration as Judge.

Josh Massad and his drumming circle have composed an eleven minute opening performance for the Festival's first night.

Friday at 7pm, I will meet with Bret and Charles Elmore at Starbucks. Bret will receive everything for the next phase of the Festival's pre-production, and we will both interview Mr. Elmore.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Official After Party Schedule: A Venue has been established!

Our official After Party Venue is The Hive, at 216 N. Elgin. You might recall last year's After Party was located here as well, only then it was known as Venue 216. Before that, it was Curly's. The new owner has been very professional and accomadating. The show will begin at 10:30 and requires a ticket from the Festival to gain FREE access! Click here for details!

The schedule is as follows:


10:30 Autumn Shade
11:15 Fae Wiedenhoeft
12:00 Brian Parton


10:30 Joesf Glaude
11:00 Timbre Wolfe
11:30 Rebecca Ungerman

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I have recently acquired a copy of Final Draft 5. This has nothing to do with my films, although it will help stimulate a new side project - writing scripts for the marketplace!