Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First Shoot Day of the Shooting Schedule

My weekend shooting dates begin February 11th, and run until April 2nd. My goal is to shoot the Red Rock Canyon scenes for "Being" on that first Saturday. We have the potential for very dramatic sunrise effects on the rock faces, so we are planning to leave at 4:30am. This is a tremendous task for my actors and crew.

More updates will be written soon.

Currently listening to The Essential Adam Ant.

Auditions: Still Waiting

Paulette returned my call yesterday, stating that TCC members, who voted last Friday on my request for audition space, were interested, taking the appropriate measures to hold the audition. The only thing we lack is the official "yes", which is her next task. I will probably hear from her today.

I have also considered using and old friend or two, either Darrel or Conan. Bret beat me to it, since he has worked with both of them and I have yet to do so. I have solicited for monologues via postal mail as an interim solution to the audition problem.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Heavy Metal Band Name

I am looking for a band name that does not suck! It is difficult; heavy metal, like so many other things, can be cheesy or poser, the latter of which is in great supply in Tulsa's music scene. It has to be bold, powerful, intense but not cliche or over the top. It also needs to be able to stand out from the crowd, like Motorhead, or Dio or Pantera...something unique that will not fall between the cracks. I have interests in maritime and nautical themes, pirates, Autumn, Halloween and so on. It is a volatile dilemma. It simply can not include:

...the word "black" or any variation of...


..."demon", "devil", (yawn!) "sin", yada yada...

...any animal reference solely chosen because it is "black"...

...any of the infinite words that depict poser Goth idealisms...

...variations on words that already exist (ex: Hell-oween)...

...and I am too damn tired to continue this, but you get the point! If anyone has any suggestions, please post them to the comments. I'll be in the other room listening the new Dark Dark Black album by Ravenpuff and Her Melancholy Minions of Sadness.

The Two Basses

Practicing on my bass, in particular, Clayton, has become more prevalent. I am teaching myself the bass chords, and applying them to Fae's solo music, and her music with Syren.

Gordon is tucked away, and I bring him out to play every once in awhile. One of his tuning machines is in need of repair.

I am still studying rock, heavy metal and hair metal as a precursor to my own endeavors.

Reflecting Back into the Month: Matthew

Although I cannot remember the actual Sunday in which this took place, I feel the need to tell this tale, as it were.

I was looking forward to visiting Caz's on a Sunday eve, and I was able to meet both Bret and Eric for beer and cigars, as well as a nice pipe full! So, here we are! Bret and I made discussion about the upcoming film shoot, the one that would later be cancelled, and then Eric arrived.

It was a good night! I had about four dollars in the jukebox, a good German beer and a wonderful, well-kept Romeo y Julieta; the boys were doing quite well themselves. It was then, that I noticed an annoying blast-from-the-past, the smarmy Val. I had not seen this guy in over two years, and I used to call him "friend" actuality, it was the other way around. I was everybody's friend! He made a feeble attempt to enter the "scene", where we were. Bret remembers him and the dislike that most hold for Val. Val was always a talker. While he was talking about making a movie, I was shooting one. While he was explaining a thought, I was performing my thoughts. And now, again he appears. I am doubtful that much has changed, and his actions prove accurate, as he tries to near the table, where we sit and discuss the film in progress! His behavior mirrors that of his fellow Gypsy dwellers and their childish, melodramatic ways. Sensing that there is not a place for him at this table, he moves on.

The next event is both amusing and slightly irritating. I look out toward the bar, and I see none other than Matthew! It wasn't awkward seeing him, or even speaking to him. He came and apologized, which was cool. I have nothing against him. He is up to his neck in work, and that is fine. What I did not care for was the statement he made about the script. I don't care if you don't like my work. Nobody says you have to. Matthew tells me he still has his copy, that he read it, and then made notes about various things and inconsistencies.

This is where I have a problem. For anyone that knows me, I am open to ideas and suggestions, but when I decide on something, it is set! It is done, and for a reason. It is my vision, my film, my creation. That is, to a certain degree, sacred. I spent over six months on this script, writing and rewriting and checking everything before it was committed to the final version. I am suddenly aware that by not having Matthew on board for this film, I have saved myself a great deal of problems.

"Observations" of LiveJournal

In the same manner as cell phones, LiveJournal users talk a great deal, but they really don't say anything!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gary Parish signs on board as Textural Animator

I have intended to speak with Gary for some time now. He is a good friend and a good soul. I spoke with him this evening, and made the request!

Gary is an alumni from the Festival. His animated short film was well done and well received. That is why I wanted him to add textural digital effects, such as flames in the lenses of Awareness' glasses, or snow falling in front of the window in the opening scene.

As I described the film, and described his role, Gary became very excited. It is now official!

I am now jotting notes and adding them to his own copy of the script, which I will send soon.

Monday, January 23, 2006


I am awaiting a return call from OSU-Tulsa, in regards to a free space for an audition. It seems the money-minded Tulsans lack the ability to wrap their mind around the concept that someone might actually create something, simply for the sake of creating it! In that respect, the city's library system refuses my audition based on the fact that it has to be "non-profit". I don't recall getting paid for this!


Met with Paulette again, and I paid her the first of the money for the Phoenix costume. We established the date for the completion of the garment, and I then chose to discuss the simple costume of "Fear".

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Only January Shoot

Our only shoot...former co-worker Cary Taylor offered her home to us. I had scouted this location not too long ago, after she offered nearly or more than a year ago. Her house, in the Catoosa area, served for almost all parts of the Introduction of the film. The shoot consisted of a 7am brigade: Bret, House, Fae and myself. Bret was on duty with the camera work. House supplied lighting and lighting duties, and Fae helped with some grip work, still photography and tea! House brought a couple of Japanese lanterns that created a soft mood effect. After Bret captured some eerily stunning work of an outside window, he was pleased to use his new camera boom, fully remote, for what I believe to be the first time. My opening chapter took on a different life as my original ideas were enhanced beyond my expectations.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Set-back on a Saturday

6 I have to say anything else here? It is actually 6:10, and I am fumbling for coffee filters, awareness and the package of Starbucks in the freezer. Fae wakes up and begins making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on autopilot. The phone rings.

Let us flashback to the preceding few days shall we...Wednesday begins time off for both Fae and I. We have great and fantastic plans, yet our bodies say, "you will rest now", as we lumber throughout each day, each day being Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday. Wednesday, Corey arrives for a rehearsal, only he is fatigued, as am I. We watch the dailies from the last shoot, for reference, and then we call it a night. We choose not to resume a rehearsal. Friday is the productive day: I create the magazine for the shoot from scratch, prepare the additional props and gear, go over my notes and I retrieve my costume. My final task is to trim my beard to similar specs as our last shoot, which I achieve by taping a production still of myself to the mirror in our bathroom. After a shower I am off to bed. Before I retire, I call Corey to insure he is aware of the proper rendezvous point. He is sick and has called out from work. He states his intentions of continuing with the shoot.

As the phone rings at 6:20ish, I know who it is. Corey is in sad shape. As much as I love to create, as much as I love this film...I resort to what I really wanted to do this morning anyway...I go back to bed.

Later in the day, I found myself with Bret, discussing new strategies.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Few Days Off and No Rehearsal

Since we have been moving nonstop since August, our bodies, sensing no immediate or necessary requirement of their systems, decided to STOP! Our best laid plans were laid out on the futon.

A very feeble attempt, and I mean feeble, was made by an equally fatigued Corey and myself for a rehearsal. Who needs rehearsal?!?!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Den

I visited Cary today. I love the beautiful serendipity of low-budget filmmaking; the den is perfect with its wooden floors and walls, the layout is perfect except for the position of the lead character, me. I originally envisioned a sofa or loveseat parallel to the fireplace, yet the background was not aesthetically pleasing to me. A single chair in the corner offers a solution, whereas we can eliminate everything except said chair! Our scene is complete!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Leg Work

I called the Nightingale on Tuesday, tried to contact Bret yesterday and today I called my former co-worker, Cary Taylor, leaving a message in regards to the "Introduction" scene to be shot in her den. I make actual contact with John at the Nightingale. My original plan for the shoot to resume at the Theater on the 22nd is not possible, so John has offered the 29th as an alternate.