Monday, July 31, 2006

Saffron is the only coffee house that matters!

The recent discovery (recent as in the past few months) of Saffron Coffee Food and Art has inspired me, again, with the fact that Tulsa's numerous failings may find redemption, and that a haven of artistic individuals can exist in the void of what we call Oklahoma. The staff and the owner are remarkable people, and the atmosphere reminds of places in the past that once inspired words and ideas within me. It is what a coffee house should be, but, unfortunately, rarely is.

Recently, the local independent publication in Tulsa held their annual Best of Tulsa poll, which is usually inaccurate, and history has, indeed, repeated itself! A chain coffee shop (you know which one!) came in at number one. This is Tulsa at its best, denying the local flavor for what is force fed through the mass media driven capitalistic empire...and the hard-working souls of Tulsa's would-be culture and community suffer.

Yet, here you have a young, single Mother of two who owns and operates her own establishment, despite the odds and the obstacles thrown in her way; what do other people do, besides take their overprivelaged hand-outs? The owner of Saffron is also one of the few people in Tulsa that gets the idea about supporting art. She constantly allows artist and musicians alike, to perform and display their craft without a penny for herself, believing that the art actually brings presence to her establishment. That is why Saffron is the only coffee house in Tulsa that matters!


We leave Monday, bound for green air and people determined to live in spiritual freedom. I leave behind the smog of disregard, hate and greed that I have come to associate with the city of Tulsa, and the state of Oklahoma. I do have to point out that we have met some amazing people trapped in this maze, and we have gained some fascinating experiences...of those people and places, Tony in Waco, he is still one of the most accomplished and gifted musicians alive, Jes Lenee of Autumn Shade...a talent beyond her years, she has transformed poetry and song, Derick Snow...a man of many faces and a thousand smiles, Bruce and Tabitha...keeping the voices in rhythm, Eric and Jes...good times and wine, Tony Clyde and the Four Horsemen...the growing Celtic pulse of Tulsa, Brian...a good friend that I will always remember, Corey...the laughter never stops, nor should it ever, Janna and the Crew from Down For Five...keeping the metal alive despite the lack of Tulsa's support, sexy, sexy man, Jacob...a bass playin' gin drinkin' fool, Hodgepodge...sadly, the only presence of Zine Culture in Tulsa, Russell...supporting metal and supporting the scene, Jesse Jaymes...the wild frontier of New Wave's next generation, the Nightingale Theater, Cains Ballroom, Caz's, Charles Elmore, Jodain and Josh Massad, Dreamtime, Adam Tichenor and Congress of a Crow, Timber Wolfe, Andy Callis, Brian Parton...the sexiest man in Punk Twang Music, Bret of the best friends you could ask for and one of the best people I know (oh, and he's good with a motion picture camera, too!), and Jenna from Saffron...she is an amazing person who is headstrong, determined and she has a good soul - I admire her will and strength, as much as I admire her ability to keep the dream.

Tulsa will, soon, be behind us...although we leave behind the little treasures that Tulsa continues to ignore.

The Atari Party

Saturday, the 29th: Fae prepared sushi and spring rolls, mixed drinks and played hostess to our first and last party of the 1070 House we call home...friends came and went, drank, ate, crashed...I , myself, retired later in the evening...jello shots and Atari games...good friends on the patio with a pipe-full and an Old Peculiar...instruments spring to life as acoustic guitars sing, Tony tunes a $5 blue violin and Fae beats a drum...good times...good times...friends will be missed.

"Solid" Update, and many thanx to Brian Jackson and Bret Mix!!!

Friday nite we drove North 75 to North Yale Auto
Parts...we drove even further inside amidst the
wreckage, where I, in my fatigued state, tried to
adapt the scenery to the scene...leaving in a week for
Seattle has left little time for me to read over my
own script!

I want to thank Brian for being patient, trusting and
of course technical. I was running late, and he was
patient. I had to wait for Bret, and he was
patient...and he set up the generator and rigging
while he waited. His duties included: gaffer, grip,
camera assistant and cicada wrangler! Thanx, are very appreciated!

Bret was very level headed, especially in my
frustration, and he offered a professional solution to
everything I may have struggled with, and he listened
to what I wanted.

It is unfortunate, but the film will have to see it
its conclusion in Seattle. It is too hot here for the
Phoenix scenes. In the meantime, Bret will be editing
and I will be filming. I have three more scenes to
shoot this week. I hope for a late 2007 release.
Thanx to everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The unfortunate circumstance of our departure, is that we have so many good friends, some, recently discovered.

We attend a bonfire at Bruce and Tabitha's retreat, alongside Jes and Derick. There is music laughter and vegetarian hot dogs! Derick and I discuss musical interfaces for the computer, and I partake of a cigar and pipe-full.

Alas, work calls in the morning, and I must leave. I miss the magic of night!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sometime ago, I met with Paulette about the Fear costume. Today, I acquire the finished product!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday, July 17th - Missing Bohemia

Seven in the morning...departure to OKC...the latest in my search for identity theft for two hours...arrive at the OK Bureau of Investigation...try to leave fingerprints, but they won't let me...I buy a sheet of paper for fifteen dollars that says "I'm a cool guy!"...I escape in to the beginnings of that "global warming" thing that everyone chooses to ignore...try to find to Galileo's on Paseo...closed...damn to Chinatown District...look for sushi but find nothing...too damn hot...stop by Dunkin Donuts and retrieve stash for Tulsa...decide to leave, and soon...on the road with blisters on the pavement behind me...detour to North Yale Auto Salvage on Highway 75...acquire part for the Buick...make plans for the film shoot ("Identity") on the 28th...leave...say hello to Fae...arrive home, check e-mail, peruse the channels...then I meet Fae again for her lunch break...delicious sushi...return...I depart for Saffron, where I sit and write poetry in a coffeehouse once more...I have missed that...I miss the relaxed state of mind of simply being, creating...I miss Bohemia...

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Happiness of Music

Fae has been asked to play with the Four Fiddlers of the Apocalypse at the PAC; they are opening for a Celtic dance school. It is a paying gig, but it also a cool thing to play at the Performing Arts Center, even if it is a smaller stage. Tonight, Fae has a rehearsal, and the event will be held on Saturday.

Her final performance in Tulsa is set for the 21st at Saffron. I have been asked to recite poetry, and not only that, I have been writing again!

This Saturday is our jungle shoot for "Memory". Derick and I will try to evade the heat.

Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Three Year Drought of Poetry

After, literally, a three year sabbatical from reading poetry, I return this night to do the same. I have neither been inspired or inclined to perform, even less to write, however, thanx to the Saffron, I am inspired to take a place on their stage and read...the pen is restless, once more!

Monday, July 03, 2006


My window spontaneously exploded inward while I was at speed down Highway 169, I am still trying to close on my house, and my identity theft research has left me with the conclusion that I am on my own...the system can taketh, yet it does not give in return.