Sunday, March 25, 2007

Positive Advance against the decay of Decaying Minds

As stupid as the American public is (MTV, talk shows, reality television, Britney, Lindsay, Paris), I do feel optimistic that there are those people out there that care for and create art, in its many forms. Even minorities can make a difference, and it is to that spirit that I add this glimmer of hope, as told by example.

This rotted testament to the decay of America, MySpace (and its siblings YouTube, Google, Yahoo and many more), has provided a forum for free thought to the literal millions of people, worldwide, and in particular, America, in the form of a video community. You would think that, if given this new power, thespians, poets, directors, musicians, activists and the like would unleash the power of truth and inner soul that comes from the complex dimensions of the human enigma...but, alas...we have "Tiffany and Kia at the mall", "Drunk again...and dancing?", "Bar Escapades Part 1", "Two Sexy Blondes" or "The Big Booty Duo!!" - please note that these are actual titles taken from real wasted people wasting their time.

So in response to the ordinary and wasted idiots that thrive here, I am proud to say that I, as well as many others, have created a positive presence on the web. The Blue November MicroFilmFest is in its fourth year of going against the grain, and we continue to seek out artists with integrity and vision. Being able to counteract the piles of garbage that are consistently posted on the Net, by posting actual works of value and merit created by some of the most intriguing minds I have known...well, that makes me pretty damn happy! Click below to see something on MySpace of actual worth:

Blue November MicroFilmFest on MySpace

If you scan through my "Friends" list, you will see that I don't add worthless individuals like that Twila Taquito chic (who actually thinks she can sing?); I add people of value. In addition to friends, I add people or organizations such as Purgatory House, Green Bean Coffeehouse, BlueTree.Org, Autumn Shade, Fae, Greenpeace and many more. So check them out. See what else is out on the web besides videos of some girl's ass!

No Confidence

I am in the mood again, the mood to speak out against the injustice I am seeing in this country, and no one has eyes to see it. Our art and our culture are suffering, choking, and we are happy to stay in the wooly warmth of our dead minds. I work with dozens of people who allow themselves to be ordinary, they talk about work on their off time, and when anything remotely un-American crosses their path, they frown. I view myself as part of a world, not a country. A country has nothing, without people. A country is not a government, it is the sum of its people. I have no confidence in this country, or its ability to represent its people, their art and their culture. I see a diverse expansion of music and ideas that bridge over hatred and prejudice, and people from all over the world can unite together for the greater good of its expression, its life blood. Our government seeks other avenues of more literal fortune. The works of these inspiring performers fall upon deaf ears...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Exxon Mobil - From your pocket, to ours!

That's my new slogan for Exxon. First they spill and kill, and now they push their oily bath forwards with a hypocrisy that rivals that of the Christian faith, by declaring a record-breaking profit for 2006. As they gouge consumers at the pump with high prices, their net income was $39.5 billion, or $4.5 million an hour. They claim that the costs of operations come at a heavy cost, as do beach homes, private jets and twenty car garages. Their lies are yours to ignore, however, because I look around me and see the same ridiculous automobiles (Hummer, Escalade, any SUV for that matter) being driven as mass transit and alternate modes of transportation are ignored. You willingly give them your money as you complain about high gas prices. Imagine the research into alternate fuel technology...

Their profits even exceed that of Wal-Mart, the most irresponsible, environmental terror in Corporate America. Let's talk about Wal-Mart and boycotts, shall we?

Since moving to the State of Washington, my mission could not be clearer. As Starbucks plans to add 40, 000 more stores this year, killing all small business in its wake, it is easy to see how programmable this Nation is, and has become. I think Hitler would kick himself for not thinking of it first! World domination by complacency and consumer goods. Wal-Mart and Starbucks...why haven't they teamed together yet? It only makes good sense, really. Every niche of culture and nostalgia in every small town across the country would fall, and the Mom and Pop stores would disappear forever...not to worry, though! They can be enslaved as a door greeter, or a barista, watching their memories and dreams float away with every dollar bill you slap on the counter.

It's simple - boycott! I have not paid a dime for Starbucks since arriving in its place of birth, nor have I set foot into a Wal-Mart. I do buy groceries from regional chains, I buy goods from Target from time to time, and I still have an occasional Pepsi. The difference is that I am aware of things, and I don't lie down and blindly accept them.

So this is my cause:

Boycott Starbucks - buy fair trade, shade-grown, and buy from local establishments like the Green Bean Coffeehouse.

Boycott Wal-Mart - you know what? Their prices are not that different from grocery stores or other department stores. And shop Trader Joe's and PCC when you can.

Boycott Chain Bookstores - with the exception of Half Price Books...what is so hard about supporting local?

Boycott Complacency - yeah, it isn't always convenient to do these things, but at the rate we're going, the Corporations will have killed them all soon enough.

Here's a tip. Just drive to Starbucks/Wal-Mart/Exxon headquarters, and just hand them your money...or mail it to them, I don't care. It is quicker, more direct and you accomplish the same thing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sixteen year old bitches, MTV sucks and why I want to be nostalgic, and Canadian.

I hate country music, and I hate rap. I do recognize the few artists in both genres that contain creative merit, and I appreciate them for their art...the rest, is total shit. Modern rock is an digitally enhanced enema. Emo, Screamo, fucking untalented bullshit...and of course Britney has now shaved her head. You do realize, people...that she is not "tormented" or "in need of help"! People who wipe their worthless waste of an ass with money every day do not "need" help. She had a meeting with her record company and her manager and every other over-paid suit, and they decided that the next publicity stunt for Britney would be her "off the deep end routine", whereas she would shave her head and Justin would play his part and play rescuer, and YOU, stupid America, will go and buy more of her product....ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. Britney = $$$$. Wake the fuck up! I'm tired of shit music, and it gets worse. Even those who are not in the mainstream seem to fall into the rut of their genre; the indie scene is full of similar sounds, and no one pushes the boundaries anymore. What happened to New Wave, Punk, Grunge and so on? No one is paving the future! No one is bending the rules or coloring outside the lines...that's why I am nostalgic. Talking Heads, Gary Numan, Patti Smith, The Clash, Devo...they all did something different. Where is that now?

MTV was the innovator, the communicator.'s the root of fucking American apathy! We want to see the evil of man and woman, so we erect modern coliseums for the modern Roman Empire, where people turn on people...and the USA watches with glazed over eyes. And the Emperor is in the bathhouse...bathing in black gold.

I turned to MTV the other day. A show was on about spoiled little rich girls and their sixteenth birthday parties. The girl was from Tennessee, and her Daddy was in oil. He made lots and lots of money and bought his little swine of an ungrateful and oblivious daughter anything and everything she wanted. This little bitch actually said, "I like oil. It buys shoes and clothes!" Congrats, Britney. I thought you were the most wasted fuck on this planet...guess I was wrong! The handbag and shoes her idiot father paid for were enough to feed an average family for weeks, and that would probably go even further for the homeless. I'm guessing that "homeless" or "charity" is not in their vocabulary.

America = $$$$ = hate. The USA still hates Gays and Lesbians. Bigotry, prejudice, and hate crimes...they're not gone. A gay youth has to grow up with the mixed signals of a society that hates him or her, just because they are different. They are not hurting anybody, but you don't hesitate to hurt them. The fact that Ann Cunter, I mean, Coulter, actually has a voice in this World is enough to prove my point. That is why I want to be Canadian. It's not perfect, but I don't have to listen to "Jesus" this...or "my country" that. And a gay couple can live in peace...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Emerging from the Depths of the Living and Vacant Mind

It has been awhile since I have written, and I thought it would be a perfect time to jot down these thoughts from the past few months. As it stands, today is uneventful, I'm tired and I don't feel creative at all. I have the time to create, and yet, there is no drive...frustrating.

We had a tremendous success with the first MicroFilmFest in Seattle; the Green Bean Coffeehouse is a wonderful place, and Lisa and Hayden are wonderful people. Syren played their first gig in five years! The Spiral Cafe in VicWest is an amazing place, and the show was fantastic.

December was a busy work month, and we made what will become our annual return to Tulsa for Christmas and Family. While there, we had a wonderful time hanging with Corey at Caz's, and we spent many hours with Derick and Jes. I was able to arrange a film shoot for "Solid", and shooting a scene with my Dad was wonderful. Both of my Parents came through for me on this film.

The new year...well, we continued on, working, planning, creating and trying our best to push forward. Fae and I have attended the open mic for several venues, and we have been able to perform. This is an important pursuit for us both. Fae has been playing consistent gigs at Green Bean, and she is venturing into other territory as well. I have been writing lyrics and poetry, a little at a time. Most recently, I have been practicing scales, learning said scales and trying to write some bass lines for my original songs. I have been sick on an off, fatigued and just taxed creatively. I have organized myself, and now, I have a plan:

Taxes - once we are through with this obstacle, I can look more seriously at funding film and music projects, and I can look at purchasing my Volkswagen Beetle. I am pursuing ideas for electric vehicles as well.

"Solid" - I have to re-acquaint myself with the script, look at where we stopped and where we need to go. I will be reviewing dailies, and making decisions on what scenes will be in the final cut. I have connections to rent the necessary equipment, and I will be scouting locations soon.

Festival - I have been adding films to MySpace, YouTube and Yahoo. As I find more outlets, I will use them. I have added my films, Fae's and films from past Fests, giving those filmmakers unique exposure. I will be planning a call for entries in the next few months.

Music - I am looking forward to recording some of my own material. Fae is quite successful at it, and I am just now coming into my own. I will announce at this time, that I will start out with two musical foundations: the music of Captain Chambers (solo) and The Captain Chambers Collective, which will more than likely be a trio featuring Fae on either guitar or drums. I have other plans, but those are for much further down the road. The appropriate MySpace Music sites will follow.

Film - I have been thinking about many things in this area. I haven't shot any footage since December; before that, it was August. This is hard for me, but I am thinking. I want to immerse myself into Super 8 more and more, and I will probably do so. It is a labor of love that I cannot deny.

All in all, I am blah...I have no drive at the moment, and I am just still. I should drink heavily and write poetry, but I have to drive soon. I will write more in the future...I make no promises as to when.