Thursday, April 24, 2008

African Movie Academy Awards


I have been nominated for the AMAA's for the following productions:

BRIDGING THE GAP- documentary (to be screened on SABC1 on 06 May 2008, @21:00)

THE SKYLINE- short film


Wish me luck....

Lindokuhle Mnyandu

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‘VIVA’ opens at New York’s Cinema Village May 2, 2008

She was a housewife seeking kicks in
a world of sex, sin, and swingers…
opens at New York’s Cinema Village May 2, 2008

A candy-colored tribute to classic sexploitation films of the Sixties and Seventies, VIVA opens on Friday, May 2, 2008 at the Cinema Village at 22 East 12th Street in New York City. Artist, filmmaker and performer Anna Biller’s take on the sexual revolution is a lurid, retro romp set in the 1970s, featuring amazing period sets, costumes, and musical numbers that
will delight vintage vixens and time-traveling tramps alike.

Barbi (Biller) is living the perfect suburban life as a pampered housewife, when she finds herself abandoned by her perfect Ken-doll husband Rick (Chad England). Soon Barbi and her girlfriend Sheila (Bridget Brno), a buxom blonde with a taste for adventure, decide to get out there and see what they’re missing, and find themselves drawn into the baroque fantasyland that was the sexual revolution, including nudist camps, the hippie scene, wild orgies, bisexuality, sadism, drugs, and bohemia.

Shot in 35mm and saturated to the hilt with vibrant color, and exquisitely detailed in its depiction of the period, VIVA looks like a lost film from the late '60's, right down to the campy and self-assured performances, the big lighting, the plethora of negligées, and the delirious assortment of Salvation Army ashtrays, lamps, fabrics, and bric-a-brac. Whether you're looking for nude dancing, alcoholic swingers, stylish sex scenes, a sea of polyester, Hammond organ jams, glitzy show numbers, white horses, blondes in the bathtub, gay hairdressers, or psychedelic animation, VIVA has it all!

Anna Biller, producer/co-star Jared Sanford and various cast and crew will be in attendance opening weekend for select screenings.

"A meticulously designed re-imagining of "classy"-minded '70's-era soft porn...pops with parodic joy" --Robert Abele, L.A. TIMES

2008 | 120 minutes | 35 mm |

Monday, April 21, 2008

The latest word on my newest film, "The Pass".

The two reels have undergone the editing process. A careful examination of each scene and every shot has revealed the wonder of this film production, in both the day it took place and the company in which the script was played. I am very excited about this film.

Tonight, I took another look over the footage to replace a few splices that I have been unhappy about. As I am winding back and forth, I noticed a scene in which Dylan walked through the door of the Green Bean, as a logo on a truck appears clearly in the background – cut, cut, splice.

The splices are delicate, and a steady hand and a feel for the maneuver are needed. It doesn’t always go well, but I am happy with the cuts I have made.

The next step is one that brings me to closer to another goal, the completion of my other project, “Water from the Mountain”. Plans have been made for this Saturday, to shoot the final scene needed for “The Pass”, preceded by the second to last shoot for “WFTM”, which will take place at Shilshole Beach.

This raises my excitement, as not only three new films reach fruition, but three new Super 8 films. With the completion of the final two, “Colorswitch” will finally join them as all are transferred.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seattle's Newest Condo

Chrissie Hynde wrote about a government that had no pride in "My City Was Gone", and it holds true for the encroachment of upscale and bland housing that is dislocating and further alienating the poor and the weak here in Seattle, while simultaneously destroying the charm of local neighborhoods, small business and communities. I keep forgetting that I shouldn't worry about the Starbuck's and the Wal-Marts. The indifferent citizens will create greater damage. Greenwood is the next community that has the potential to disappear. They are still chipping away at Ballard, trees are falling everywhere and Fremont is a place for the young and stupid to drink themselves into bed with one another. Shades of Oklahoma, it seems...