Friday, July 11, 2008

It’s been awhile...Festival [2008] Update!!!

I've had this major aversion to the computer, as of late, so my updates are fewer...yet, on that same note, I have been busy!

Aside from finalizing some of my personal projects, the opportunity was presented for a few more. I am finally making the contacts I have wanted for some time.

New contacts have arisen that will play out in my new plans for the Festival. I will not go into details yet, but amongst other things, we are approaching a greener perspective. In addition to many returning favorites, I have some exciting new participants in our art and musical line up, but I could always use more art (if anyone is interested!). One of my ideas is to cross-pollinate cultures. I am currently working on a grand opener that may very well be a film festival first! Our films have been pouring in from New Zealand, Holland, Italy, France and the US, but alarmingly I have but one local entry this far. The other item of interest is our potential guest speaker. And the awards have returned! Neil Cluck is providing 'reused' artwork as the awards this year. That's better than recycled!

All in all, we are making our waves felt again, and we are on our way toward non-profit status and a possible home of our own. This still may be a few years away, but it is possible. As I obtain new participants and collaborators, I am placing them in the Top Friends area, so please check them out!

Until next time...