Friday, November 28, 2008


Five years gone, and now a sixth – this event has survived the apathy of Tulsa, a three thousand mile journey and now, three years in the saturation of a larger metropolitan area, Seattle. I am proud of everything we have accomplished and everyone involved in the Blue November MicroFilmFest.

I have to admit, my energy levels amidst the increase in volume for Festival 2008 left me a little out of control; I am saddened that a few things got away from me. That’s why I observe and reflect. The lessons learned from each year do not go unanswered, and I am looking at new ideas and methods even as I am writing this.

What can I do to streamline the overall process?

What can be done to manage time and tasks?

What can be done differently in communicating?

Can the judging process be changed or improved?

We only lost one musician, as in they didn’t show. This is a bit frustrating, but nothing I am unaccustomed to as a Director. Not a word of acknowledgement, apology or explanation. That’s the way it is, and there are sometimes those who are not afforded a return visit. It’s funny, we had a good group of people waiting to hear a musical performance, and yet no one was there! We did enjoy the additional conversation time.

The turnout was our best in Seattle thus far, and everyone was a tremendous help. I ran a lot. The people involved were fantastic, and many, many people, including our guests and Judges, assisted where needed. My gratitude goes out to all. The filmmakers that were present (even in spirit!), the numerous musicians and performers, and the amazing range of artists, they also have my gratitude. The display and execution of Festival 2008 was amazing. As I receive so many kind words, I feel that it is misplaced on me.

I have nothing but joy for what we achieved, and we received such amazing praise, something we rarely see despite the happy faces and thank you’s. Still, I reflect now and see where I can tighten up the ship, chart new directions and plan, now, for an even better seventh year.

The Winners - Blue November MicroFilmFest 2008

Film is comprised of three basic elements: subject, light and the capturing of both. Three separate awards withing the Blue November MicroFilmFest reflect this idea; they are: Best Story, Best Illumination and Best Vision (respectively).

For the Sixth Annual Blue November MicroFilmFest of 2008, the Winners are:

Best Story:
"When I Was a Partison" by Vytautas V. Landsbergis (Lithuania)

Best Illumination:
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by Evi Goldbrunner/Joachim Dollhopf (Germany)

Best Vision:
"Failure" by Alberto Labuto (Brasil)

Congratulations to the Winners!