Sunday, January 25, 2009

Festival [2008] Feedback

Dear Captain and Fae ~
We met at this year's MicroFilmFest - Thank You.

The films were like mini-teachings. One teaching was choosing to forgive and love, the act forgiving being profound because the option to choose hate or revenge is equally available. I could *feel* the depth of love in this choice - especially through Hyperhelion's main character and the women of Rwanda. Love Love Love reminded me that only from within can we experience real, lasting joy.

I also felt gifted by being in conscious, grounded, artistic community - something I hadn't felt in Seattle. Witnessing you and others being so emotionally present and kind - willing to give of your true selves and support others - deepened my experience of love.

Thank you, again, for your kind spirits, generosity, and devoted action towards peace and healing.


New Film - "When Angels Stumble" (Super 8mm)

As I am preparing for a busy few months of finalizing my current Super 8 projects (The Pass/Water from the Mountain), I am steadfast in my belief of pushing forward with more projects at the same time. Many disagree with this tactic. I do not! I think that by remaining active in the down times between, and by having that sense of space while in the middle of a project, you can see things you wouldn't normally see. This can add to a film, or take away from it depending on the point of view. Maybe this shot did not need to be in there, and now by shooting this scene on this other film, you realize that. All in all, the simplest part of this equation is that you don't stop working!

That is where "When Angels Stumble" comes into play. It is a short b/w film about our loss of compassion, and in the right moment at the right time how we find it again when it's needed.

I don't do many auditions. I have now had two. Both were not as fruitful as I had hoped, but I have now been exposed to many more people in this city with whom I can work. The challenge will be exposing the film to festivals and such. Several of the actresses are interested in the project as a source of exposure, meaning screen time, which is in opposition to my normal work ethic of "create first, for creation's sake". I am now trying to meet [personally] with as many people as possible, and take video auditions before making my final cast decision on Friday.

I am forcing myself into situations where I must challenge myself. I don't feel that I am moving forward enough, so I must take certain steps.

The film will shoot either on February 21st, or the 28th. It will be a one day shoot.