Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"The Lightswitch Fades" screens in Indianapolis

As much as I have tried, with much frustration, to submit and share my cinematic visions with the world, it has become clear that, even in allegedly 'open-minded' circles, there is a degree of pretentiousness. Yet, you keep trying. That is all you can do. Along the way, you eventually find someone, or a group of people that shares similar ideas and that is when you have found your place!

Alfred Eaker, an Indianapolis filmmaker, is a visionary. He is a part of the Alternative Film Series at the Dorman Street Saloon, one of the city's oldest taverns. Alfred was very eager to receive my first two films, after I sent him the links to "Adam and Yvette" and "The Lightswitch Fades" on Undergroundfilm.Org. He watched them and then requested them. So, I obliged. It is definitely a great feeling to see someone enthusiastic about something you created, and that means so much to you.

"The Lightswitch Fades" screened on May 7th.

Here is an excerpt of the e-mail I was sent:

..we showed 'lightswitch fades' last saturday
good turnout and good reception to both yours and
peter john ross' film.
of course we're making ground with this, but not
indy monthly will be doing a feature article in june
i sent them info on all the films we've shown,
including yours, along with jpegs, bios, etc
i have no idea whta films they will write about or
what the article is going to be like but it's a dent
i have pretty much the schedule up to july but after
thta (in august) i'm planning on showing adam and

re; reaction to lightswitch, one person commented
that it was existential poetic horror which i think
is pretty dead on

we discuss the films after showing each and overall
ther eaction wa spositive
of course there's always one or two who don't like
the film(s) and last saturday's showing was no

and lightswitch had one critic that didnt agree with
the two stronger, positive feedbacks

i personally feel both films have a certain milieu
that's all their own.
definitely an ateurish thing going on

i'll keep you posted on adam date and please keep me
posted on developments



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