Saturday, February 11, 2006

Red Rock Canyon - "Being"

We departed an hour later than planned. My plan, indeed, was no less than running from the Sun and chasing it at the same time. Victory!

A two and a half hour drive...if we left at 4:30am, we would be there by 7! The Sun would just begin the caress of its kiss on the Western planted rock facings. Bret would be able to capture amazing color!

We left at 5:30 instead, due to delays caused by the wee hours I inflicted upon everyone. Two cars: Bret in his truck, and Derick, Fae and myself in the Buick.

As 8:00 hit its mark, the Sun was hot on our trail, and closing! The advantage here is that Red Rock Canyon is just that, a canyon! As we neared the area, the interstate dipped into valleys, where the cold morning shadows held their ground a while longer. This was the sign my theory was correct; the canyon would not be drenched in sunlight just yet!

As we turned off toward Hinton, we made the approach to the park, found and entered the gate, and made our decent.

The theory proved correct. The shadows were still there, along with the cold and the wind. Three of us set up. Bret ran camera while Derick and I plotted our performance. It was very cold!

In the sunlight, it was warmer and bearable. We fought clouds only part of the time. Bret began by shooting scenery, and then we began the initial shots. Bret had not slept the night before and he was feeling it, so Derick and I composed our own shots. We were running on low battery and low temperatures, so we shot everything we could. I decided to shoot the black background scenes in the "Being" chapter at the location as well; as I have stated and will state again, I want Bret to be overwhelmed with footage!

The shoot went well. Working opposite of Derick is a great experience. His talent does not demean me in anyway. I felt good with our performances and the variations. Our little camp packed up and left for home.


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