Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fight in the Alley

After I delivered Fae to work, I traveled to Claremore to return my Mother's van and retrieve the Phoenix (not the costume). As soon as I had swapped vehicles, I departed in my usual mad dash, and aimed for Cafe Cubana.

There I met Rob Boyd and later, Lou Garver. I drank coffee and daydreamed about the cigars behind the humidor glass. Rob Boyd is a fascinating individual. He is eager and willing to lend himself for almost anybody and anything, believing in a precise Karma ethic. He is very professional and courteous. We spoke of the scam artist, pseudo-filmmakers to the South and East of us, their "acting schools", and more importantly, their lack of ethics. I, of course, found this amusing. When Lou joined us, he had his own stories to add about the same people. Amazing!

After we had properly met and after I informed them of the scene at hand, I looked at the time and decided we had better begin.

Recently, an issue arose regarding the aforementioned pseudo-filmmakers and their grotesque lack of responsibility. They were involved in a downtown film shoot involving gun props. Although the business knew of and improved the shoot, the Police were called, yet no Officer was present. The result was a misinformed Officer responding to the presence of guns at a building in the downtown area, and students were nearly shot due to the decision to not insist on a Police presence. This was horribly stupid! As a result, I was on the phone with Police as I am driving and leading the way to Main and Brady. This is the thing...they eagerly took my information, and took it very seriously! In fact, during our time at the location, a car from the North Tulsa Division did actually drive by! Protect your people and be professional; don't be stupid.

We arrived at Main and Brady, parking not far from Lola's. At this moment, I was daydreaming about a beer from Caz's! Halfway down the block from the corner is an alley. It should be noted that this is the same alley where I shot the climax of The Lightswitch Fades almost two years ago.

The scene was simple, two guys fighting! One (Rob) would be the aggressor, the other (Lou) would be the victim. I asked Rob to remove his shirt and take an aggressive stance toward Lou. Rob has been in a number of fight movies; I look forward to seeing them! Lou, who is currently in the production Please Don't Feed the Zombies, has experience with stage combat, so he was able to fall and fall correctly. After we cleared the area of debris, we commenced shooting. I took several takes of Rob backhanding Lou, and then I switched to a right hook, so Lou would fall forward into the camera's playing field.

After a few more takes, we were done!


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