Monday, March 20, 2006

TPS Shoot #1

Bret is off work on Mondays and we have access to a studio space on the first and third Mondays of any given month. Since we are done with Nightingale (???), this is our new space for the remainder of our black background scenes.

Derick assisted us with the access, and he, too, performed in a few scenes for "Being". We have yet to shoot any footage for his second character, "Memory".

Bret is both D.P. and actor. We shoot some fascinating scenes where he walks toward the black background curtain, which on film, it appears he escapes into the darkness!

The shots are few and our time is short. It is a good practice and it familiarizes us with the space.

The shining point of this shoot, is the fact that Bret's modern miniDV camera, which has an XLR input located on the side, worked in conjunction with a ribbon microphone on studio boom crane, both of which were from a 1950's television station!


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