Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Awakening": The Courier

I have decide to cast both of my parents in this film. My Dad will play my older self in the chapter, "The Theater", whereas my Mother is The Courier, an enigmatic guide to where I will meet my next entourage in the unusual setting where the film takes place.

At first, I wanted to allow her to create her own character aesthetic. She is very creative and has her own style, and she also has some really great ideas. I left her to create the visual of her character.

After several stabs at finding the right combination, my Mother felt flustered. I decided to call upon other outfits she has worn before, such as the ensemble she wore at the After Party for the first Film Fest. In addition to that, we may have to go shopping. As much as I want the part to flow and feel real, I want my Mother to look good and feel proud.

I visit my parents tonight. We will, once again, pour over the ideas presented. This will determine where we need to go.

Another thing that has materialized in my head, is her enthusiasm for this role and opportunity dictates more character development. I am rolling a few ideas in my head as we speak.


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