Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby Jack

Despite the odds and the circumstance, I am trying to set up what little I can, in regards to film shoots. I have the shoot for "Memory" to think about, so I need all of the little clips (that will be shown on the television screen during the scene) complete and out of the way. I already have footage for the fight in the alley (see previous post), and now I need to complete the motel scene and the family in the park. I am hoping to shoot the motel scene tomorrow, if I receive the phone call I need.

So, what I decided to do today is shoot the scene with the baby that would represent me in the film. Once again, the Nightingale assisted me by forwarding one of my posts to someone they know, who, in turn, responded. I kept in touch, but only recently did I make any plans; this is where you have to take each and every feasible opportunity that comes your way.

I took my directions and drove out to the Western side of Downtown Tulsa. I met the Wilsons and we discussed what I needed. We found a nice clearing in their backyard, and they provide a table and their assistance.

All I needed was a shot of the baby, on a piece of black fabric. Since I am still learning this camera, I was seeing overexposure all over the place, where the sunlight was reflecting off of the baby's skin. I could not figure out the problem, so I asked Mr. Wilson to hold a blanket over the baby and out of camera view; when in doubt, dull the light source.

This seemed to do the trick. I rewound the footage and double-checked to make sure it was what I needed.

Once I had my signed release forms, I was on my way. The Wilson Family was quite pleasant and very helpful. Baby Jack was a star! He is such a happy baby, and I think this footage will be remarkable.

Many thanx to the Wilsons...and Baby Jack.


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