Sunday, April 23, 2006

MySpace Girls

I passed a periodical rack and saw a men's magazine cover...Twila Tequila of MySpace fame is on the cover of this pseudo-intellectual rubbish for her download status, and for being the "sexiest/most beautiful girl" on the internet! WTF?!?!?! "25 million people can't be wrong," it says; yes they can! This bitch is fucking ugly! I find it amusing in the first place that so many girls, not just on MySpace, find the need to validate their existence by their appearance, and mainly, their perceived "fuckability". They lack any true talent, or ambition, so they use their body as the only factor that defines them. I also find it a pathetic circumstance that "sexy" and "beautiful" are only defined as how much a girl will bare and how she whores herself to the camera, the public, men, society and on and on. If a girl shows her body, she is instantly sexy in some degree or another. Twila, Tila or whatever this bimbo's name is, neither qualifies as sexy or beautiful. Why don't you look at someone like Maya Derren, Ani Difranco, Julia Butterfly Hill or Joni Mitchell. These are beautiful women, and as all women do, they have their own distinct sexuality that outshines the formulaic device employed by the wasted little girls of MySpace, countless magazine covers, runways and our television and movie screens.


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