Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trying to assemble thoughts...

So many much to do!

Tomorrow night - Deconstruct at Torchy's Two Bucks Saloon...Friday night - the opening of Peter Pan at the Spotlight Children's Theater, where our good friends will be performing...Saturday morn - Corey and I return to Hydro once more for the longest scene in "Solid" history...Friday and Saturday night also bring Down For Five to the stage, where I must, unfortunately pass...Saturday night - Brian Parton at Saffron...Fae will attend a craft fair with her family; her dad is showing his latest week is end of the month - only $400,000 more to ship...footage needs studies...writing...reading...plans to search for a roadworthy VW Beetle for little or no cash continues...I haven't updated this damn blog in far too long...MySpace is cool to a point, but it reminds too much of LiveJournal and the hopeless wasted freaks that think they are "cool" and somehow "significant"...I realize more and more that I am a singular constant...the PNW is calling...BOK are greedy fucking bastards and I hope they find bankruptcy in their immediate future and live like peasants, stuck in a mortgage from which they cannot escape (thanx KDP!)...[Oklahoman] people are generally and quite clearly beneath me...that film festival is underway - I hope the naive who are attending receive some benefit; I, however, am wondering why I bother with mine, since the public prefers the absurd to substance and heart...I am so glad I no longer hang with the friends I use's late.


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