Sunday, April 23, 2006

Viva la Earth Day!!!

Someone's been getting their information from Fox News...

The hole in the ozone, is at the poles; that is why the ice is melting. There are organizations all over the world that has data on this, so this does not even make any sense at all! Yes, we as people, all over the world, and our machines put toxic elements into the environment. That is fact. Tapping into reserves in Alaska destroys a habitat that has been there for centuries; how many more species are we going to disrupt or kill on this planet? So that we can have cheap gas? And that is not why gas is high - who controls prices? The animals don't, I can assure you of that. Men and their governments...they have control - too much, but they have it as long as we let them; just ask the German people circa 1939. And it is CO that is harmful, not CO2. I will agree that CO2 is beneficial, however, CO (carbon MONoxide) is the pollution from our automobiles and [some] factories...and it is a problem that is recognized by the very government that should be taking more actions to prevent it. Hybrid vehicles are slowly being accepted into OUR society, for the better! Canada has been using Hydrogen and electric power for years in their public transportation, and SmartCars are prevalent there as well. People walk more and use bicycles; in America, particularly the Mid West, we are so lazy that we drive our ridiculous and unnecessary SUV to the corner to buy a newspaper! There are few sidewalks because no one uses them. Oh, and "a few tin cans and plastic bags" is grossly inaccurate! Just look at Oklahoma's streets, highways, lakes and can't see it speeding down the highway in your "safe" SUV, but try to stop and actually look alongside the road - it is more than a "few" cans and plastic bags. We are the largest and most overprivelaged, selfish nation in the world. We create trash by the hundreds of tons a day! It is a problem. Yes, the world has been here and will always be here; we are but mere parasites that are tolerated. Yes, the temp fluctuates through time. Still, there are significant effects of mankind and its pollutants. A marketing scam? New technology is always expensive at first, and unless it has support, it will stay that way. And what is expensive? A Toyota Prius, with good marks from consumers, gets 54 mpg and costs less than any Hummer, Expedition, 300 or Hemi. So what is the deal again? I'm afraid I missed that one....

And now to play the devil's advocate...this is America, there is a scam everywhere! Do you not remember the televangelists of the 80's?!?!? The point is, I am sure that there are some [green] scams out there, in fact, I would count on it. America is about money at all costs, so you can say, without a doubt, there are "green" scams. The majority, however, are people who believe in something just, and they stand for it! They believe in beauty, and nature and in people; they believe in harmony! And even if it was all rubbish, what is wrong with people promoting those ideals, trying to make the world better than it is? We live in Middle America, the most selfish and hateful place where no one cares about anything but their own self interests, the consummation of "things" and the acquisition of status. This is where rich little teenage girls go to a coffee shop because it is cool, ignoring the artist playing her heart out in the corner, and leaving when they get bored, escaping to the BMW their daddy bought for them, going to some party to validate their existence by looking like Brittany "Waste-of-Space" Spears...then get wasted and wake up the next morning to search for their clothes. Rich bastards with no manners (grown men!)people who are belligerent and rude - this is Tulsa. Those with a heart suffocate in this environment.

If you want cheap gas...make it! Or support GREEN. There are alternatives out there...we are just too lazy to look at them. We want the easy way out, and to lash out at the Green Community is ludicrous. And if you think that wind or solar power is "bad", then you need to rethink your place in the world!

Viva la Earth Day!!!


"Screw earth day. its all a sham.

All of it. It's just a marketing ploy to get you to buy "green". Don't believe the hype. It was made up by the founder of the EPA who admitted its all crap after he retired. There is no hole in the ozone. if there was, cosmic radiation would kill us all a few seconds after the hole started. and cfc's dont react with O3 in the atmosphere. only in lab tests. There's no global warming. the global survey group's latest report show's the average mean temperature of the planet has gone down for the past 5 years. In fact, global warming would be a plus for life, not a minus. Co2 in the air would aid plant life. which produces more O2. which means we all breath better and live longer. look up the milankovich cycle. all the climatic changes are part of a natural cycle that's been going on since the planet existed. and greenhouse gases my ass. the temperature is the SAME! so stuff that in your hybrid tailpipe. that reminds me, oil. its made by an abiotic process deep in the earth's crust. its renewing all the time. its not going to run out. ever. now drill the hell out of alaska so i can stop paying 3 damn dollars a gallon. screw saving the earth. its been through cosmic bombardment, mass extinctions, volcanoes, plagues, floods, earthquakes, crustal displacement and you think a few tin cans and plastic bags are a problem? its going to be fine. screw recycling. land fills make up less than 1/10 of 1% of the earth. there are more trees now than there were 100 years ago. bet you didnt know that did you. earth will still be here and be fine long after your gone. its just a marketing scam based on junk science. the head of propaganda for the nazi party said 'if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth." environmentalism, the repeated lie, made up to tax some industry, and sell some more expensive cars and ethanol and gawdy t shirts and hemp jewlery. screw earth day. its all a sham."


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