Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I am growing more and more tired of the "go vote" bullshit...I DO NOT VOTE for a reason!!!!

Do you REALLY think that any politician gives a shit about you?

Do you think that our Mayoral candidates (or Presidential, since that is unfortunately around the corner) care about anything other than themselves, people like themselves or interests that support the aforementioned two?!?!?

When given the poorest of choices, are we actually expected to pick the lesser of two evils?!?!? Just so we can say we voted?

And I have news for people with the idea that I don't have a voice because I choose not to voice does not EVER go away! The choice to vote is not just who to vote for, it is also a choice to vote or not to vote. If I have no confidence in the system or its participants, then I will not support it. Put somebody in front of me worth listening to, and you will see me at the polls! I have every right to speak my mind, and I have every right NOT to vote...both are choices, as I recall, and both are one of my MANY individual liberties!


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