Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Next Festival: Call For Entries - 2008

February is the month! I plan on establishing the dates of this year's Festival, some new parameters and locations and a new deadline. I will also open the call for entries next month as well. We made it through five years, and we did it in unusual circumstances and with the help of some amazing people.

I honestly felt that we have achieved our best here in Seattle. Despite the fact that we have not reached the magnitude of our success in Tulsa, I believe that with the Green Bean Coffee House and support of the Greenwood/Seattle community we have achieved so much more. Aside from the amazing artists and musicians in Tulsa, and with the exception of Circle Cinema, I felt we were pulling teeth more than being a part of any 'community'. It's funny to think of the irony, but the Greenwood here in Seattle is so much more accommodating than the Greenwood in Tulsa, in particular, the Greenwood Cultural Center who were kind enough to offer us a rental 'discount' for our after party, bringing the fee to only $900. Thanks Chuck! The venues were cooperative, but not without struggle. Despite our differences, the Gypsy Coffeehouse was the most gracious host in the Midwest, and the first year at OSU-Tulsa was fine, and then they felt the need for greed. Venue 216 was a joke; I'd like to say it was great, but it was a joke that we made into a success. My hat is off to Adam Tichenor for taking the reigns and setting the venue in line. The Hive was better, but they were used car salesmen trying to "give a little" for something else in return. I really miss Curly's, eh Tony? Seeing my second Tony Romanello show there was one of the best concert experiences I ever had. The people and the artists were fantastic every year in Tulsa and I am glad we were there, but I feel we are where we belong.

This year is the year we grow. I plan on more press, more films, more music, more venues and more art. We will grow simply based on the fact that we are going to be here until I freakin' die! How's that for a niche? Stay tuned and keep rollin'...we'll be watchin'!


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