Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Projects in the Works: "Solid", "The Pass" and "Water from the Mountain"

Money is an ill-tempered mistress...I have no real bad news, aside from small delays. On the other hand, I have some great news, and that brings me to the first topic.

Bret has been out of contact until the past few days. My thoughts are with him as life punches him in the gut! The good news comes, first and foremost, from the fact that he has picked himself up off the ground, and is working his end for the production of "Solid", my first feature film. The final scenes will be shot this Autumn.

I will take the final cartridge of film for "The Pass" for developing Thursday. When the edit is made, the film will be transferred alongside "In the Corner of Myself" and "Colorswitch".

The only bad news is that "Water from the Mountain" will not be ready by June 30th for the Kurosawa Short Film Competition. In fact, I will probably have to wait until August for the funds to develop and transfer the film. I would like to say thanx to Joe (Sid) and Mallory for their patience.

That's it! I am scraping by, but finding a way to push forward as always. Until next time...


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