Friday, July 11, 2008

It’s been awhile...Festival [2008] Update!!!

I've had this major aversion to the computer, as of late, so my updates are fewer...yet, on that same note, I have been busy!

Aside from finalizing some of my personal projects, the opportunity was presented for a few more. I am finally making the contacts I have wanted for some time.

New contacts have arisen that will play out in my new plans for the Festival. I will not go into details yet, but amongst other things, we are approaching a greener perspective. In addition to many returning favorites, I have some exciting new participants in our art and musical line up, but I could always use more art (if anyone is interested!). One of my ideas is to cross-pollinate cultures. I am currently working on a grand opener that may very well be a film festival first! Our films have been pouring in from New Zealand, Holland, Italy, France and the US, but alarmingly I have but one local entry this far. The other item of interest is our potential guest speaker. And the awards have returned! Neil Cluck is providing 'reused' artwork as the awards this year. That's better than recycled!

All in all, we are making our waves felt again, and we are on our way toward non-profit status and a possible home of our own. This still may be a few years away, but it is possible. As I obtain new participants and collaborators, I am placing them in the Top Friends area, so please check them out!

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  • Hi! Can you write a little bit about the selection process for the Blue November Film Festival (or the MicroFilmFest)? Is there a jury? I ask because I worked on a film that was a selection in 2005 and have been trying to get it into IMDB but they only consider film fests as "qualified" if they have a selection process (rather than just showing every entry they get, like the NY Int'l Film Fest). I assume there is a selection process, because you likely get a ton of entries, but maybe you could elaborate here about that or include any press clips about the fest or judges on your site (please?). I provided them with the link to the program you have online for that year, but it's the selection process that apparently counts the most.

    Also, navigating your website is a bit confusing -- because the "Home" link that takes you to your blog and info on festivals past is so tiny and easy to miss, I have had a hard time finding anything other than the current submission form. Just letting you know. It's a pretty site but that first page needs better hints for navigating what's there.

    I hope you don't mind my unasked-for opinion. Looking forward to your reply - thanks!!

    By Blogger Cranky, at 12:55 PM  

  • Thank you for taking the time to write, and I will try to address this as best I can. First of all, we do indeed have a selection process, and I believe that I have posted the selections on this very blog. After my own experience with IMDB, I have chosen to not be a part of this site, and I have no intentions of changing that. My reasons are many, but that is not the point here. If others choose to utilize IMDB, then that is fine. What I will do, is look at the situation, and find a mutual compromise which retains my stance on the subject, and at the same time, provides a link that filmmakers can use if they so choose or need such. Mind you, this will not happen immediately.

    The issue regarding the website is another matter. I have been asked before if I desire changes to the very thing you speak of. My answer was "no". I find it interesting that as many people waste endless time with utter nonsense, in respect to surfing the web, that my website, which is not that vast, would be so challenging. I am perfectly happy with this site design and its subtle and airy quality. Bearing this in mind, I have no immediate cause to change it, nevertheless, I am of open mind and will discuss the matter with my web designer, and others, to gather opinion in light of, again, a mutually beneficial compromise. Rest assured that the one thing that will not occur, is to create a billboard out of my web domain!

    I don't mind your opinion at all, and I will look into the matter as best I can. With that said, thank you, and good day!


    By Blogger CaptainChambers, at 5:01 PM  

  • Hello again and thank you for replying so quickly. After some more searching, I found the archives of your blog and discovered your posts about the judges and selection process -- it is a relief to know more about your festival, in case my submission to IMDB is rejected. At least it's good to know that IMDB doesn't accept submissions that could be bogus - they do ask for proof. I am curious as to your negative feelings about IMDB, because I know that it can be helpful to direct people there to see one's credits. That is why I submitted a movie I worked on (which appeared in your festival), so I could see that credit in my IMDB profile.

    As to your website, I think it's a very nice design. I really like the artistic quality. I just almost missed all the other pages in it because the link is very small (at least in Firefox it is). They always say that good navigation is part of good website design. I don't think making that link bigger or having a navbar on each page would turn your site into a "bilboard" but that, of course, is up to you!

    I want to finish by saying that, after perusing your site, I am in awe of anyone who takes on such a huge endeavor as you have -- especially being a filmmaker yourself. I wish you continued success for your films and the festival. Thanks again for your quick response.

    By Blogger Cranky, at 7:40 PM  

  • I went back and looked at the program for that year...what was your film entry?

    Thank you for the kind words. It is only two of us working out of pocket with money we don't often have. Your sentiment is well received.

    I have discussed the matter of the website navigation with one of my colleagues. My web designer is out of town, so I am looking into the matter until she returns. The site was carefully designed and I reviewed each segment meticulously. That does not mean I am not open to change, but I am reviewing the issue.

    My stance on IMDB is the same I have had with the film industry in general for many years, and it is something I strongly believe in: film as art, not product. The debate usually enters into verbal attacks from boxed thinkers and industry loyalists citing their livelihood, which I am not against. I am always against a majority that imposes its presence over another, especially if that presence is unjust and mediocre in mind. I sense this and have experienced this boxed mentality repeatedly in the film industry, and I choose to pursue and encourage the individual expression of art through cinema as opposed to making so-called independent film, which I believe is dead or dying. After trying IMDB, I found that it is a money trap, and one of many obstacles in the industry designed for taking the money of struggling artists. This is why I don't charge an entry fee for my festival. The truly inspiring artists of our time are lesser known and bereft of cash.

    Thank you, again. Cheers!


    By Blogger CaptainChambers, at 1:45 PM  

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