Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update, New Friends and Patience

I have not been here...

In dreams, we all fly and yet it is the ability to take our wings with us when the dream stops...that's where it happens. I sometimes leave my pair in my other pants, slung over the chair.

I have been creating a great deal. Little hairline notes in the corners of paper, ideas spilt and dripping wet, and I fumble with consciousness. This is where I am.

Life, film festival and capitalism have played their part this year. In addition to responsibilities, car breakdowns and film festival commitments, I am washed up on a penniless shore.

I have made some wonderful contacts with many of you, here and elsewhere, over the last two years. I hope that you continue to possess interest, keep the faith, and enjoy the eventual and potential experience of creating film under my direction. In recent months, I have been able to dig deep in this vast archive of contacts, to discover new people and great talent. My work has been limited to the few shots here and there, and to the shelf while it waits for its inevitable birth. These things take time, and patience. The latter of the two has been displayed well, amongst these new faces and creative spirits I have found. I applaud you, and ask that you still, keep the faith. Sometimes, that is all we can do.

I am working as best I can, amidst the busy schedule of this year's Festival, and I will be shooting again soon to complete a current project, and one that was shot differently than intended. I have new ideas written, and I am trying to move into a new direction, whereas many of you will have your opportunity to "act".

Thank you, one and all. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to retrieve a pair of wings from my pants pocket...


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