Sunday, January 25, 2009

Festival [2008] Feedback

Dear Captain and Fae ~
We met at this year's MicroFilmFest - Thank You.

The films were like mini-teachings. One teaching was choosing to forgive and love, the act forgiving being profound because the option to choose hate or revenge is equally available. I could *feel* the depth of love in this choice - especially through Hyperhelion's main character and the women of Rwanda. Love Love Love reminded me that only from within can we experience real, lasting joy.

I also felt gifted by being in conscious, grounded, artistic community - something I hadn't felt in Seattle. Witnessing you and others being so emotionally present and kind - willing to give of your true selves and support others - deepened my experience of love.

Thank you, again, for your kind spirits, generosity, and devoted action towards peace and healing.



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