Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Countdown Begins

And so it begins…

There is always that time of year where the first steps are carefully chosen and taken, and our seventh installment is much the same. I have films in hand and ideas aplenty.

The latest news centers on the awards and our venue. First, I have been in touch with Neil Cluck of Tulsa. If you recall, our second and third year in Tulsa, Neil created the awards for the Festival. As of last year, we resumed that tradition from afar, as Neil sculpted a new set of awards for the continuation of the Festival here in Seattle. Neil is a working artist, and I am proud to offer him more for his work this year. The awards have been chosen, ordered and will arrive the first week of November.

Next, we have finally chosen our venue. I had contemplated many places in which to hold this year’s Festival. I searched Greenwood, Ballard, Phinney and even Fremont; Belltown was considered as well. Ultimately, a decision had to be made to keep everything simple and centered. The decision was easy: use what we have used, but slightly alter it. The result is the expansion from two days to three, with Green Bean holding the Opening Night Gala on the first night, and The Upper Crust Banquet Hall as the primary venue for the rest of the event.

The dates have been penciled in…


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