This poetic tale of two beautiful souls, tells the story of love and its sometimes complicated journey. Adam and Yvette are on the threshold of this road. Although they are drawn to one another, the painful specters of Yvette's past collide with Adam's uneasy and awkward nature. They both feel a mutual gravity, yet the weight of experience is strong. So, they look to their "friends" for insight. The two carefree souls face the moment where they can walk away, or they can embrace what they see in their hearts! It is a story of magic and triumph. Only the Angel can release them...

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Aaron Kruger, Adam
Jes Lenee, Yvette
Captain Chambers, Stand in Guy
Derick Snow, Ingo
Jessika York, Charlie

Captain Chambers, Director, Producer, Writer, Co-Editor
Derick Snow, Editor

Script2Screen 2003
Blue November MicroFilmFest STAGE I

This was an amazing experience for me as an auteur. I believe in the art and talent of so many that are rarely seen by the mainstream. I combined the acting, editing and musical talents of a wide array of local artists...from Derick Snow to Tony Romanello!
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