I created Blue November Creations as an outlet for my imagination, a place I know as the Cosmic Continuum. A creation is a sacred testament of its creater, and I wanted this dwelling, where every idea, every new step into the unknown, would have a home.

As people, we are defined by our art and culture, and the expression thereof. This is where my words, images and sounds frolic without end. I believe in the power of the individual, and that voice is a recognizable force within me. Creativity should flourish without inappropriate criticism; sometimes, art should simply be allowed, to be.

Everything originating from the deep and distant worlds of the Continuum are born from my earliest influences. My childhood was imagination. I was surrounded by imagination. Imagination is within me.

Blue November is unique in the respect that creation is influenced by nothing more than the joy of conceiving that which did not exist before. I write to express thought. My films are an outlet for my inner vision. My music is a communication. The basis of Blue November Creations, is me.

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