“I remember just thinking about having a film festival. Then I remember thinking about what I should do right, when so many of the established festivals around me were flawed. Next thing I knew, I was waiting outside the coffee house, waiting for my Dad to arrive with my trusty brown sport coat.

The road was short and eventful, and with the help of so many wonderful people, the Festival saw its birth and its maturity in the same night. We achieved what many others claimed to do, tried to do, and we did it inside a tiny, obscure java joint in Downtown Tulsa!

I remember seeing the press actually support something. I remember the inner workings: a mobile DJ sound system, a pair of loudspeakers and subs on either side of a borrowed screen, a projector sitting on top of an erected furniture skyscraper, and art and music and film all in the same room! We made it happen.”

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