“It was time for something different. I knew that the Fest would gain momentum, and that a coffee house would no longer be sufficient. As the months progressed, I discovered that the Festival would no longer be the same.

A new venue, which gave us the peripherals needed for film presentation, was not the only advancement; we created new alliances, found new territories and made new friends.

I never have regrets, however, working with Venue 216 and their lack of professionalism was our greatest challenge. At the end of the day, all was overcome and the Fest, our largest to date, was a success.

The lobby was filled with art, filmmaker bios and press releases, and eager attendees, waiting for the magic of film!

I remember the crowds and seeing my parents and Fae’s parents. I remember looking, for the first time, and seeing the new award designs from Neil Cluck, the polished layout and the Festival’s name illuminated on the marquee.”

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