“Same venue for the third and final year under my command. I tried again to achieve what we did in our second year. We had so many local films, yet, a few were less than average. I wanted to expand, and focus more on the content and quality, more than I have ever done before! This eliminated several films, including some local entries. Aside from that, I saw some amazing new films enter the picture, and our music and art exhibits were even greater! One problem, where was Tulsa?

I tried to play the game, and still, the Tulsa Press would rather glorify some overexposed country singer who wins a ridiculous reality show singing contest! I expressed this to the media and they ignored my Festival for the most part.

The Festival went on, despite the small minds of a Midwest town. We achieved something else that I wanted from the very beginning: an opening act! Dreamtime flooded the unsuspecting audience with sound – drums beating, flutes, guitar, African dance and more drums, in unison! This was my final Festival in Tulsa, and I was blown away by the awesome power of the artists around me.”

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