The Blue November MicroFilmFest was designed for the true filmmaker and the art of film. This festival focuses on the people behind the creation of film, music, words and art in all forms. The event is free to those who attend, and it is always free for the artists.
STAGE I of the Blue November MicroFilmFest, began in the city of Tulsa in 2003, to celebrate the true art of cinema. Held at a local coffeehouse, the Festival combined local artisans Charles Waite & David Royce, musicians Tony Romanello, Autumn Shade and VASTU, DJ Badger, photographer & graphic artist Fae Wiedenhoeft, & countless filmmakers from the United States, Tulsa & beyond. The festival was a success.
STAGE II found a new home at the OSU-Tulsa Auditorium, where the Festival gained greater quality in projection and sound. The second year brought a variety of local artists, including Neil Cluck, the award designer. Thirteen out of twenty-six films were of an Oklahoma origin, and Autumn Shade returned to the Festival Music Stage once again, along with VASTU, Brian Parton and DJ Jesse Jaymes. The Festival matures.
STAGE III reunited Blue November with the same venue, even more art, and the music of Fae, Autumn Shade, Brian Parton, Joesf Glaude, Rebecca Ungerman and The People's Glorious Five Year Plan. Dreamtime opened the festivities, unleashing a torrent of rhythmic flow that permeated the minds of surprised onlookers, as African dance sparked their visual senses. The films are more diverse and unique. The Festival achieves everything its creater had ever dreamed of!
STAGE IV found its way to Seattle, WA. This marked a new direction for the event, which was more or less a return to the humble roots of the first installment, a small, yet highly significant festival with a tightened focus on art and artist. Held at Greenwood's GreenBean CoffeeHouse, Blue November MicroFilmFest found its new home!
THE FUTURE: The Blue November MicroFilmFest continues as one of the most focused and committed film festivals. The Festival has maintained a standard of supporting the art of cinema and the creative vision of the director, the support of art in all forms and the tradition of a free Festival for artists, filmmakers and patrons. Our quest is to remain dedicated to our roots, and to bring that ideal to the masses in whatever fashion we can. See you in November!
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