In the pursuit of new horizons, there is always the challenge of unfamiliarity.
As we arrived in Washington this last August, I held fast to the ambition of establishing the Festival, here, in Seattle. This leaves little time for planning or engaging in the antiquities of Festival Past, yet it does allow for new opportunities and curious doorways.
I knew that I, first, had to establish a venue. I felt fortunate that, in the past, I have been able to secure a space without charge. As I perused website after website for such a venue, I found that my search may be in vain. History has taught me that patience and perseverance are quite rewarding, and so I discovered the Green Bean Coffee House. What could be better, than a non-profit establishment dedicated to art and the community? Our search concluded.
The films...I carried several selections in our journey across the states, and acquired more through the usual communication lines. Although there will not be any competition or awards this year, the exhibition of film is the central core of all that we do. We are happy to announce the screening of Purgatory House. Directed by Cindy Baer, Purgatory House begins where most stories end. Told in non-linear fashion, this stylistic dark-comedy/fantasy marks the feature-writing debut of 14-year-old Celeste Davis, and offers a quirky, uncensored glimpse into the mind of today's American youth.
So what about music? Without proper contacts, it is difficult to establish such a thing within the span of a few weeks. And then, serendipity steps in! My new job allows me the acquaintance of a young woman who happens to be a musician looking for her way in the Seattle scene. I love to offer people new and exciting challenges, and so I welcome Charly into the Blue November MicroFilmFest.
Fae is more than just one of the musical acts. She has been the silent Co-Director of the Festival since Day One, and she has contributed her talents as web and graphic designer, photographer, public relations, artist and musician. I am proud to see her artwork and photography at the first-ever Seattle MicroFilmFest, and she returns
as a phenomenal musical force for the second night's
After Party.
Art is important...especially as a living, breathing exhibit where the artist present. I wanted to feature at least one person, and that person is graffiti artist, Jesse Edwards. After making initial contact, I browsed the galleries on his website; I was simply amazed at the diversity in his work, from the hip urban feel to the standards of art seen in a more surreal and modern viewpoint.
This journey is a road to the freedom from the ordinary and the mundane. We seek to better ourselves through the creation and exhibition of art, in all forms. As people, we are defined by our arts and our culture, and the expression thereof.
We will not be silent, and we will only grow stronger.
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