Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OMM, Janessa, Bret and Brian Parton at 818

I was on my way to meet Bret at the OMM Meeting. Upon arriving, an event was taking place that forced us into an obscure room on the other side of the main theater construction. We ran through the meeting as usual. Bill "Turtle" Cornelius was there, and I met him for the first time. The meeting ended, and we crashed the party in the main area.

I saw Jason Ashley Wright, from the Tulsa World. I gave him a flyer! We scored on some free food, and we were able to sit and mingle a bit. I had coordinated a meeting with Jay Botello from the Group, so we could look over his artwork for the Fest. I also asked Janessa Bookout, another potential artist, to meet me there. She was there at 8:00, and Bret and I looked over her portfolio. I accepted her to the Fest and she left with a planned presentation in mind for her exhibit.

Bret and I sat down with Turtle and we discussed a few elements of the upcoming shoot. Bill has a mind on set design, and Bret presented some ideas for green screen (chroma key) for the Hall of Mirrors Chapter.

I had planned to see Brian Parton play at 818, but the time flew and I decided that I needed to be at home. I will try to see him at the Par-T Lounge next Friday.


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